Mother's Capital in 2014

Mother's Capital in 2014

Briefly about the parent's capital

This social assistance involves obtaining a special Certificate. Since the beginning of the introduction of a new type of assistance to families, its size has constantly increased. However, you need to know that the annual increase in the amount of parent capital does not provide for the replacement of the Certificate itself. So, if your child was born last year, then you received this document, and this year the amount of capital increased significantly, then you do not need to change the Certificate.

As for the timing of applying for this document to the Pension Fund with the relevant application, they are not limited. This application can be submitted at any convenient time for three years from the date of birth or adoption of the baby. Parents should be aware that maternity capital is not subject to the traditional income tax on individuals. This social assistance is guaranteed by the state not to a specific child, but to the parents, that is, his family, who independently decides on the needs for which these non-cash funds can be spent within the framework specified in the legislation.

The amount of maternity capital payments

Recall that such a social innovation as maternity capital in the Russian Federation has been in effect since 2007. The right to receive it, according to the legislation, has families in which the second child is born (the third child and the subsequent kids, in case the parents did not realize this right for the second child).

The amount of the parent capital in 2014 is 429 thousand 408 rubles 50 kopecks. Recall that this social payment in 2007 started from 250 thousand, and in 2013 it was already 408,960 rubles.

It should be noted that the owners of the Certificate, who have already managed to dispose of it, the remaining amount increases automatically, given the increase in inflation.

Who has the right to receive maternity capital

So, who can exercise their right to this significant social guarantee:

  1. A woman, a Russian citizen who gave birth to or adopted the ВВ, ВВВ kid or subsequent children in the period from January 1, 2007.
  2. A man, a citizen of Russia, the only adopter of the second or subsequent children, provided that the decision on this adoption took effect on January 1, 2007.
  3. Father or adoptive parent, regardless of the presence of Russian citizenship in the event of termination of the right to state support of a woman who died or was deprived of her parental rights to a child whose birth gave her the right to maternity capital.
  4. A minor child or children in equal shares, a child or children who are enrolled in a hospital before the age of 23, if the right to state support measures for the father, adoptive parent, or the sole parent or adoptive parent in cases prescribed by law .

The confirmation of the right to maternity capital is the issuance of a certificate of the proper sample.

Registration of the Certificate for maternity capital

According to the law, this document is issued and issued at the local office of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. To the filled application of the established sample with the request to issue the state Certificate for the parent capital it is necessary to prepare a package of documents.

Your application will be considered within a month from the date of filing, then within five days the applicant receives notification of the decision (issuance or denial of the Certificate). After that (subject to a positive decision), the Certificate will be issued to you in the same Pension Fund body.

The document must also provide such documents:

  1. A document that certifies the identity and citizenship of the applicant's Russia.
  2. Documents that confirm the birth or adoption of children.
  3. Documents, confirming that the child has Russian citizenship. This is a certificate of his birth, which indicates the citizenship of the parents or there is a stamp of the passport and visa service on the Russian citizenship of the child.

Sometimes when issuing a Certificate there are situations when there is a need to confirm the death of a woman who gave birth or adopted children; declaring her dead; the deprivation of this woman's parental rights; the commission by the mother of a crime that relates to crimes against her child; death of parents or adoptive parents.

Using Maternity Capital to improve housing conditions

Russian legislation provides that maternity capital as non-cash means can be disposed of only after execution to the child, in connection with the birth of which this right parents received, 3 years. However, there is an exception to this rule. To dispose of the funds earlier it is possible, in case of need, to repay the debt on loans, loans for the acquisition or construction of housing.

Improving housing conditions is one of the areas where non-cash means of maternity capital can be channeled. All funds or a certain part of them may be directed to purchase or construction of a dwelling. It is a question of purchasing a dwelling or an object of housing construction. This may be an object of housing construction with the participation of a construction company, the construction or reconstruction of an object of housing construction without contractors. You can direct the funds of the parent capital to compensate for the costs of building or reconstructing the housing construction site, paying the first installment of a loan or mortgage (including a mortgage) for the purchase or construction of housing. The mother's capital is also allowed to repay the principal debt and pay interest on a loan or a loan for housing. These means can also pay for participation in shared construction, pay an entrance fee of a participant in housing funded cooperatives.

The main unifying condition for allocating resources of maternity capital to improve housing conditions is the placement of such housing in Russia.

Using maternity capital to educate children

By joint decision, the family can use the funds (or part of it) of maternity capital for the education of children. In particular, to receive education by a son or daughter in any educational institution of the Russian Federation, which has the right to provide such services and state accreditation. Part of the family can send money for the maintenance of his son or daughter in kindergarten. This applies to all preschool institutions that implement the state program of pre-school education, as well as those institutions that work on the program of primary general, basic general and secondary general education. Parents can send their parent capital to any child's education, if necessary. The age of the student should not be more than 25 years.

The use of maternity capital to increase the accumulative part of the pension of the mother of the child

The mother's pension is the third sphere where the material resources of the mother's capital can be directed to the general decision of the family. In particular, this may be part of the funds or the whole amount, which will become the share of the funded part of its labor pension. This can be done by submitting an application to the local Pension Fund authority. The legislator stipulates that the funds of the parent capital or a part thereof can be directed to a non-state pension fund.

It is important to remember that maternity capital is always a non-cash calculation. And any schemes of its cashing are considered illegal. The owner of the Certificate, who has agreed to such schemes, commits an unlawful act. He can become an accomplice in the crime of misuse of budget funds.

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