Payments on the birth of a child in 2014 in Ukraine

Payments on the birth of a child in 2014 in Ukraine

What determines the amount of payments for the child?

According to the Ukrainian legislation, one-time material assistance to the family is paid, what is the score of the baby was born in the family, that is, for each child. The size of the payment depends, first, on the subsistence minimum, fixed on the date of birth of the child, and secondly, on what kind of kid this is in the family account. The first factor is the consideration of the impact of the economic situation in the country on material assistance to parents. The second factor is the lever of state influence on the birth rate. After all, with each subsequent baby, the help for his upbringing increases and, for example, the parents receive twice the amount of the second child as the first child.

So, we specify these payments. If the first son or daughter is born in the family, then his parents receive a one-time material aid, which is equal to 30 sizes of the subsistence minimum at the time of the birth of the child. For the second kid, parents will receive help in the amount, fold 60 times the subsistence minimum. If a third child is born into the family, then the family has the right to expect a one-time state aid in the amount of 120 subsistence minimums. The same amount is paid to the fourth, fifth and subsequent children who are born in each family.

What are the sizes of this check digit - the subsistence minimum? In 2014, according to the state budget, the living wage for children under the age of six is ??set as follows: from January 1, 2014, it is 1032 hryvnia, from July 1 - 1059 hryvnia and from October 1 the amount is 1102 hryvnia.

There are specific features and rules for paying the above assistance to the family. The payment mechanism provides for its phasing. Parents first get a tenfold size of the subsistence minimum, and the rest of their amount is divided into equal parts and paid: for the first baby - for 24 months, for the second kid - for 48 months, and for the third and all subsequent children - for 72 months.

The sums of one-off payments at the birth of a child and their mechanism

So, how much will parents receive in the recruiting of the family and what amounts?

Let's start with the first child.

One-time payment at his birth from January 1 is 30960 UAH. From this amount, 10,320 UAH will be received by parents directly, that is, at a time. The remaining amount is divided into 2 years.

From July 1, 2014, the family will receive 31770 hryvnia for the baby. Of these, a one-time payment will amount to 10,590 hryvnia, the remaining amount will be broken down for 2 years. As of October 1, the above assistance will be 33060 hryvnia. The lump sum is 11020 UAH, the balance of the amount is split in equal parts for 2 years.

The second child.

Since January 1, 2014, one-time help to parents at his birth is equal to 61920 hryvnias. Of these, the family receives 10320 hryvnia at a time. The remaining amount is divided into equal parts for 3 years. Starting from July 1, the amount will be 63540 UAH. At the same time, 10590 hryvnia will be paid at a time, the rest will be paid within 3 years. Since October 1, assistance will increase to 66120 hryvnia, of which parents will immediately receive the amount of 11020 hryvnia. The remaining amount will be paid in 3 years.

The third child and the following.

From January 1, 2014, the repayment amount is 123840 hryvnias. Of this amount, 10,320 parents receive immediately, balances in equal parts are paid within 3 years.

Already from July 1, the amount of such assistance is equal to 127080 hryvnia. Of these, 10,590 are received immediately, the rest is paid within 3 years. And from October 1 a one-time payment is 132240 UAH. 11020 the family receives immediately, the rest of the amount is divided into 3 years.

As you can see, the mechanism of one-time state aid when a child is born in Ukraine is oriented to the same amount of the first payments and the monthly differentiation of payments, depending on the number of babies born in the family.

The state budget of Ukraine provides for the possibility of changing these figures, depending on the introduction of changes in the budget.

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