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25th week of pregnancy - how many months?

The 25th week of pregnancy begins the seventh month! You retreated full six months, admittedly, obstetric, which consist of 28 days or 4 weeks. This is a lot, but there are still 15 weeks ahead, so be strong and patient.

Let's see how our baby is there at the beginning of the seventh month of pregnancy?


It has already grown sufficiently: at the 25th week of pregnancy the fetus weighs about 700 grams, its size from the top to the heels averages 34.5 cm. The development of the baby does not stop either give me a sec! He becomes more and more like a newborn, although he is not yet ready to show himself to this world. And yet, if for some reason the birth takes place next week, the doctors will already fight for his life.

The lungs are prepared for the first inhalation: the alveoli begin to ripen, but they are not yet lined with a surfactant, which will prevent them from sticking together during breathing. Also, the auricle continues to form - according to her condition, doctors will judge the degree of fullness of the child in case of his premature birth.

At 25 weeks of pregnancy, the function of hematopoiesis, as expected, completely absorbs the bone marrow (before they performed the liver and spleen).

At this time, the sense of smell of the baby is already strongly developed. He is also able to feel the mood swings of his mother, and even feels pain, like a newborn, smiling with joy or wincing with discontent!

The child begins to actively grow with muscles, bone tissue becomes stronger, so his movements and tremors will become more and more perceptible. On ultrasound you can already see how he plays with the umbilical cord, sucks his finger, deftly grabs the leg with a pen, closes his face with his hands - the child's movements are already well coordinated, moreover, the leading hand has been determined. Also, the ultrasound can determine the sex of the child, because the external genitalia have long been formed. Now, at 25 weeks of pregnancy, the boy's testicles descend into the scrotum, and the girl's vagina is formed.

Ultrasound at Week 25 of Pregnancy

Ushist will first assess the condition of the fetus and compare its size with the established term of pregnancy: a large discrepancy will be the reason for conducting additional research, to exclude the backlog in development.

The parameters of the fetus at the 25th week of gestation are approximately the following: the head diameter is 62.3 mm, the diameter of the chest is 63.1 mm, the diameter of the tummy is 64.2 mm. An important indicator of the life of the child is his heartbeat: now the small heart performs an average of 140-150 beats per minute, and his work is already so well listened that the beating is heard not only by the doctor through the stethoscope, but when the abdominal wall is close to the abdominal wall, a dazzling rhythm can be caught by the pope , leaning his ear against my mother's belly.

The thickness of the placenta wall at 25 weeks gestation reaches 26, 22 mm. If it was low, then there is a high probability that it will now start to rise.

In addition, the uzist must examine the condition and quantity of amniotic fluid and uterus - its size, surface and location.


Uterus in 25 weeks of pregnancy reaches the size of a soccer ball. Its bottom (that is, the upper part) rises above the pubis at a height of 25-27 cm. This indicator is very important, so the gynecologist checks the height of the standing of the uterus at every visit. If the parameters are at variance with the norms, then it will be necessary to look for the cause of the violation. A smaller height and size may indicate a lag in the development of the fetus, placental insufficiency, large ones - about polyhydramnios or multiple pregnancies.

The uterus at the 25th week of pregnancy continues to grow and already trains before giving birth, from time to time shrinking. Therefore, you can feel weak cramping pains - they do not cause much discomfort and soon pass. But if the pain intensifies and increases, then it is necessary to go urgently to the hospital. The muscles that hold the uterus stretch all the time and can also cause painful sensations, especially when coughing, sneezing, sharp bends and movements.

Abdomen at week 25 of pregnancy

The abdomen is gradually rounded, adding an average of 1 cm per week in diameter. You will feel that now the tummy will grow too fast, which, in principle, it is: the baby is gaining weight.

In connection with the growth of the uterus, fetus and abdomen changes your gait, posture, well-being. The growing uterus squeezes the surrounding organs, so shortness of breath, constipation and heartburn in the second half of pregnancy - not at all a rarity. Try to prevent the appearance of these undesirable phenomena. And if you can not, then learn how to deal effectively with them. Pay attention to your diet (include one-day kefir, beets, prunes), in the absence of contraindications to physical activity, do not stop it until the end of pregnancy.

Talk with your doctor about wearing an antenatal bandage: it can greatly alleviate bearing and moderate pain that can occur due to a large tummy.


In addition to the abdominal pain described, it is mainly pain in the back, waist, sacrum, pelvic region, spine and under the weight of weight, possibly in the legs. These pains can be alleviated in many ways by following simple rules:

  • Do not sit with your foot on your leg, or in a chair without a backrest;
  • Try not to sit for a long time on hard surfaces;
  • Learn how to get out of bed and crouch;
  • Do not stay on your feet for long (do not go much and do not stand);
  • Do not wear shoes with heels;
  • Use a bandage and compression stockings;
  • Do gymnastics for pregnant women.

Pain in the hypochondrium will have to endure, because the baby grows faster, and the legs are getting stronger - that's it, and it pierces you with its blows. Try to change your position if the crumb started kicking.

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