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28 weeks gestation how many months ?

The more the mother's abdomen becomes, and the closer the birth, the more often it is often difficult for a woman to count: and 28 weeks of pregnancy, how many months does it make? Considering the obstetrical months, in which the month is 28 days, you can calculate: 28 weeks of pregnancy falls on 7 months of pregnancy. This is the first month of the third trimester, the month that brings the woman closer to the long-awaited meeting with the baby, growing in her tummy.


Usually ultrasound at the 28th week of pregnancy is not required - except for some special indications. The second planned ultrasound is already behind, and the time of the third planned ultrasound study has not yet come - it is waiting for a woman at 32 weeks gestation. Although theoretically ultrasound at the 28th week of pregnancy is still able to show the baby, the location and degree of maturity of the placenta, the umbilical cord. Here are just the indications displayed on the monitor, the mother is very difficult to disassemble: it is impossible to fully see the baby. And how things are going with the development of the baby, whether everything in this case corresponds to the norm, the doctor can determine only.

Analyzes at week 28 of pregnancy

But tests at the 28th week of pregnancy may be needed - as "traditional" (urinalysis, a clinical blood test), and a blood test for sugar, as well as an antibody test. The latter becomes a necessity if the future mother has a negative Rh factor: this analysis will help to establish whether the Rh syndrome is not formed and whether certain complications of pregnancy and childbirth are associated with it. If necessary, a special drug will be introduced to the woman, which will avoid synthesizing antibodies to fetal blood in the mother's body.

Beginning from the 28th week of pregnancy and up until the birth, a woman will have to see a gynecologist more often: 2 times a month, with each visit, taking urine for analysis, and with testimony - and blood. Now it is extremely important to control the level of iron in the body of pregnancy in order to avoid the development of anemia, as well as constant measurements of blood sugar, the increase of which indicates the likelihood of developing diabetes of pregnant women.


The seventh month is already a "solid time", therefore it is not surprising that the abdomen at the 28th week of pregnancy is already increasing, and the figure of the mother is getting more and more rounded "forms" . In connection with the constant growth of the abdomen and the tension of the skin on it, the stomach begins to itch and itch, and with excessive stretching, it becomes covered with crimson stripes and stretch marks. Eliminate already appeared stretch marks - the task is not easy, it is much easier to avoid them. For this, today there are many very different cosmetic products in the form of creams, gels from stretch marks for pregnant women. As a preventive tool for the appearance of stretch marks, vegetable oils - olive, almond, citrus, are also excellent.


Significantly increases by this time and the uterus - the womb at 28 weeks of gestation is located 8 cm above the navel and 28 cm above the pubic articulation. And this is far from the end: the uterus will continue to grow as the baby grows in it - until the very birth. But already now, not "waiting" for the appointed term of childbirth, the uterus can periodically be slightly and painfully reduced. If from time to time the mother feels that the uterus at the 28th week of pregnancy is easily strained, one should not be frightened: if the contractions of the uterus do not cause severe pain, are not long and irregular, are not accompanied by secretions, so there are so-called false or training bouts. Through such fights, the uterus at the 28th week of pregnancy "learns" to contract and prepares for the forthcoming birth.

Childbirth at 28th week of pregnancy

Starting from the 28th week of pregnancy, if for some reason the baby decides to leave the mother's womb ahead of schedule, the fetus is considered viable, and actually his birth - premature birth. Childbirth at the 28th week of pregnancy for the baby can result in a very successful outcome: the likelihood of survival is very, very high. True, surviving the baby had a chance, even if born at an earlier time, that's only at 28 weeks of pregnancy, these chances are still much more. Of course, this will require special equipment, equipment, careful care for the baby.

But for Mom, premature birth at the 28th week of pregnancy, which are taken on an urgent basis, can be overshadowed by very common complications. These include early and premature withdrawal of water, ruptures of the cervix, weak labor activity, unpreparedness of the birth canal, bleeding in the generic and postpartum period.


Normally, the fetus on the 28th week of pregnancy continues to improve, getting ready every day to meet the new world. The baby already by weight reaches a kilogram, and sometimes even more, its growth is about 38-38.5 cm. Active bone tissue strengthens, pulmonary alveoli form which will give the baby the ability to breathe independently. Develops and the brain crumbs - it gradually formed grooves and gyruses, the formation of which began a little earlier.

The weight of the baby is gaining due to the formation of subcutaneous tissue, it also contributes to the gradual smoothing of the baby's skin. As the fetus grows on the 28th week of pregnancy, the uterine cavity fills in more and more, the baby's place for movements remains smaller. But his activity is still as high: the baby has developed a mode of sleep and wakefulness, and during the hours of activity he sensibly gives mom a message.

Sensations at the 28th week of pregnancy

This is expressed in the fact that the woman increasingly feels the stirring of the crumbs. It is these sensations at the 28th week of pregnancy-the sensations of regular movements and periodic fetal activity-that are very important for controlling the normal condition of the baby.

Doctors recommend closely monitoring the activity of the baby, fixing his movements in the morning and evening. True, warn: in the evening, the movements of crumbs can be much more palpable - in the daytime he often remains calm, pacified by motion sickness from the movements and movements of the mother. But if a woman has to sit down or lie down in bed in the evening, getting ready for a night's rest, how - rrraz! The baby starts to stir actively, tumbling and kicking in the tummy, not letting mom fall asleep.

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