Pregnancy 4 weeks

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Signs and symptoms

In midwifery practice, the fourth week of pregnancy equals two weeks of pregnancy from conception. The actual pregnancy has already come, the embryo is still classified as an embryo, but in the womb it is already fixed. Now its development is inevitable, and with each new week, including the 4th week, a woman will increasingly feel the gradual growth of a new life inside her. And while the first 4 weeks of pregnancy is usually almost unnoticeable for a woman. Although in some cases pregnancy is still indicated not yet strongly and implicitly expressed symptoms and signs.

Some signs and symptoms of pregnancy at week 4 are similar to those before menstruation. So, a woman can notice the irritability and nervousness appeared, rapid fatigue. In rare cases, to all else can change the taste preferences and light nausea - especially in connection with the intolerance of certain odors.

Sensations at 4 weeks of pregnancy

The emotional background of a woman often changes: if some of the women do not suspect a pregnancy for 4 weeks, others may feel at 4 weeks of pregnancy be much more pronounced. Tearfulness, causeless sensitivity, increased emotional reaction to irritating factors - all this may indicate the "arrangement" in the womb of a woman embryo, which in the future will turn into a little man.


The chest also undergoes a separate change at week 4: swelling of the mammary glands, there is sensitivity and soreness of the nipples. Again, these changes can be explained by premenstrual syndrome, if a woman does not yet know about pregnancy. In fact, the chest at the 4 th week of pregnancy changes due to hormonal changes in the body, adaptation to new conditions of further functioning.


All changes that occur in the body, a woman who does not know about pregnancy, "writes off" for the upcoming month. And just about 4 weeks of pregnancy, according to the laws of anatomy, menstruation should begin, but !. . In connection with successful fertilization and the subsequent introduction into the uterus of a fertilized egg, the monthly for 4 weeks of pregnancy is absent. There is a delay, which can also be considered as one of the symptoms and signs of pregnancy at week 4. In some cases, a pregnant woman may have bloody discharge, which has no relation to the monthly. This - the so-called implantation bleeding, which occurs in connection with the attachment of the blastocyst (embryo on the 5-6 day of development) in the wall of the uterus.

Allocations at week 4 of pregnancy

Not only a delay in menstruation and bloody meager secretions, a fourth week of pregnancy may be indicated instead. Also, the allocation at 4 weeks of pregnancy can be more abundant, have a whitish or transparent color without the presence of any odor. This situation is also explained by hormonal reorganization, and also by increased blood flow. But, only the discharges at the 4th week of pregnancy are considered normal, which do not have color (although they can be white) and smell, and are characterized by a thick consistency. Bloody, brown, painful discharge, accompanied by pain in the back or lower back, usually have nothing to do with pregnancy.

Bleeding and miscarriage

Like bleeding at 4 weeks of gestation, which is usually taken by a woman in the dark about her new position for the month. Bleeding at this minimum period is usually a miscarriage at week 4 of pregnancy. It happens painlessly, a woman usually does not even understand that she was pregnant and takes a bleeding at 4 weeks of pregnancy for menstruation. To the fading of pregnancy, death of the embryo and the subsequent miscarriage at the 4 th week of pregnancy can lead to many adverse factors, for example, infectious disease with high temperature, alcohol abuse, excessive physical activity.

Pregnancy test

Such bitter consequences can be overtaken by a woman if the pregnancy was not planned and expected, after all, and the pregnancy test at 4 weeks gestation usually gives a negative result. The fact is that, despite some increase in the blood of the chorionic gonadotropin, in his urine is still quite small. Therefore, the pregnancy test at 4 weeks of pregnancy may not yet "recognize" the pregnancy that has already occurred.


Ultrasound at 4 weeks of gestation, in turn, can show the yellow body of pregnancy, which gradually increases in size, feeding the embryo to the formation and full functioning of the placenta. Among other things, the task of the yellow body is also the development of progesterone - the hormone responsible for maintaining a pregnancy. In addition to the yellow body, highly sensitive ultrasound devices at 4 weeks gestation are able to identify and fetalized in the uterus. That's only conducted such surveys are extremely rare: at this stage, a woman often only suspects her possible "interesting situation", doubting whether to do the appropriate test.

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