Pregnancy 7 weeks

The gestation period is 7 weeks - signs, sensations, excretions
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Your baby is only 5 weeks old, and he has already achieved so much in development! The heart is already working, which by this time was divided into the right and left atrium. And at the 7th week of pregnancy, it will become a four-chamber and begin to pump blood throughout the calf. The vascular system also helps in this: the large blood vessels are now being formed.

Internal organs and systems do not stop their development: by this time the large intestine, appendix, intestine, which is now lengthening, has already been formed. Bile ducts appear in the liver, and in the pancreas the first insulin is produced. At the 7th week of pregnancy, the lungs, bronchi, kidneys, and endocrine glands continue to form. The sex of the child is also determined, although ultrasound, of course, this will not yet be visible: the sex glands will form into the testicles or into the ovaries, and between the legs a tubercle will form, from which the genital organs will later be allocated.

The fetus weighs less than 1 g, its coccyx-parietal size is about 13 mm, the child is gradually straightened. Almost half of the whole body is occupied by the head. It is not without reason that it is disproportionately large - the brain develops at an incredible speed. It is already divided into two hemispheres, and now its five departments will be formed, as in an adult.

The head and face of the embryo are continuously improved. Now the outer and inner ear are formed, the iris of the eyes, the pigment in the retina, the cilia in the eyelids. The eyes are set far enough, but throughout the entire pregnancy they will come together week after week, giving the face more human features. Even now you can see the beginnings of a spout with nostrils and upper lip. It is at week 7 that the laying of the milk teeth takes place and the jaws begin to form.

The nervous system does not stop developing - by this time it has already been basically formed and is only being improved.

The arms of the embryo develop faster than the legs: they can bend at the elbows and wrists, the palm is formed and even the rudiments of the fingers are visible. Shoulders and forearms stand out, bone cells and epidermis begin to develop. At the 7th week of pregnancy, the fetus is already moving, but he is still so small that his mother, of course, can not feel it. The joy of the first sensations of his stirring will not come soon. The umbilical cord completes its formation: by the end of the 7th week of pregnancy, uteroplacental blood flow will be established completely, and the placenta will become denser, although its formation will end only by week 12. Now a mucous plug is formed that will close access to the uterus to harmful factors from the outside and will protect and maintain this small intrauterine world in sterility.


Under the rapid growth and development of the fetus, the whole maternal organism is adjusted. To the baby was comfortable to dwell in the mother's womb, the uterus constantly increases in size, trying to provide it with a vital space. On your tummy is not yet visible, that you are in position, but the uterus at the 7th week of pregnancy is already twice its previous size. Now it can be compared with a large orange.

Pain at week 7 of pregnancy

Supporting uterus ligaments are constantly stretched, and some women feel this tension pains on the sides of the abdomen. It's not scary. But if it hurts below, like with menstruation, cramping or sipping, and in addition, the pain is felt in the back or waist, then this may be a possible threat of interruption. Try not to perform any actions that lead the uterus into tone: do not go on high heels, avoid strong physical and emotional stress, do not take a hot bath and generally exclude any thermal procedures. If you notice spotting, then immediately call your doctor or go to the hospital.

In addition to the back and abdomen at the 7th week of pregnancy, the chest can be sore. A woman feels a tingling sensation or just an unpleasant sensation in her chest, which is slightly swollen.

Headaches are also frequent companions of pregnancy, including early ones. But now you have to look for safe methods of dealing with them: tablets are now banned.

In general, the future mother, like any other woman, can get sick of anything. If, along with the pain, you are experiencing some alarming signs, it is better to be reinsured once again and consult a doctor about this.


If the pains in the lower abdomen are accompanied by bloody discharge from the vagina, then you have to go to the hospital for preservation. Do not tighten and do not wait, until the bleeding begins on the 7th week of pregnancy. It can develop gradually, with a few bright red drops, but it can also start immediately abundantly. The risk of miscarriage this week is kept high enough, but the chances of saving a child are always, and also not low.

The main thing - do not ignore even the most insignificant, in your opinion, bleeding at week 7 of pregnancy. Because in addition to the threat of interruption, there may be other serious causes of bloody discharge from the vagina. In the frequency, so can the polyps and other tumors in the cervix and uterus. At the same time, the pain sensations described above are not observed. In the same way as with erosion of the cervix, when bleeding can increase after sexual contact.


On allocation from the vagina should also pay attention. You should be alerted by smearing spotting (red, brown or even beige), yellow-green and grayish discharge, thick, curdled or foamy discharge and any other things that seem strange, unusual or suspicious to you. If at the same time you experience itching, burning, irritation and soreness in the genital area, and if the discharge produces a sharp odor, it is necessary to show the gynecologist immediately.

However, do not be frightened by ordinary leucorrhoea, which under the influence of hormones can become more fluid or slippery and plentiful. Such discharges at week 7 of pregnancy are quite normal and are one of its signs.

Signs and symptoms at week 7 of pregnancy

You probably already experience some signs of pregnancy: nausea or dizziness, drowsiness or fatigue, changes in appetite or taste preferences, mood swings or changes in the chest. It not only hurts and engages, but can still be covered with a venous network.

At the 7th week of pregnancy, new symptoms can add to these: rapid urination, emotional outbursts, unreasonable fears, gastronomic perversions, excessive salivation, problems with stool and digestion, discoloration of the labia. Perhaps you will change the pigmentation of the skin: darken the halos of the nipples or strip on the stomach.

But in general, the signs and symptoms at week 7 of pregnancy become almost irrelevant: you have not had a period for 2 weeks already, and even if you have had such long delays earlier, it's still time to do more than one pregnancy test.

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