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19 weeks of pregnancy - how many months?

The fifth month of your pregnancy continues. Four and a half is already behind, and now you enter the third week of the fifth month - the nineteenth. How's your baby?


The fetus on the 19th week of pregnancy makes a big leap in its development. Now his brain is actively growing and developing, millions of neurons take their places, establishing communication with each other. Now the "actions" of the baby will be more meaningful, if I may say so. That is, there will be coordination of movements, they are not so chaotic as before.

Do not slow down the development in other children's bodies. Lungs, bronchioles and bronchi form the respiratory system, which will be improved right up to the birth itself. At the 19th week the bronchial tree begins to form.

Active sebaceous glands of the baby: they produce a substance of white and gray color that covers the body of the crumbs, accumulating in the skin folds. This primordial lubricant will remain until birth: it will protect the fetus from the effects of amniotic fluid and pathogenic microorganisms, since it has a bactericidal property.

The skin of the little one also continues to become covered with a lightly lanugo. These hairs are visible even on the face of a baby, which is sometimes preserved until the birth itself. Do not worry, they will then disappear, so that the baby will not be all time mocked.

At 19 weeks of pregnancy the child already confidently lifts the head and can turn it around. The neck is already sufficiently strong and turns 180 degrees. The dimensions of the crumb continue to increase: it weighs an average of 250 g, the coccygeal parietal size is more than 15 cm.


The uterus does not lag behind the fetus and continues to grow. At week 19, it weighs 320 g, continues to increase in size and rise higher. You can feel the uterus at a level of 1, 3 cm below the navel.

The growth of the uterus leads not only to an increase in the tummy, but also to the appearance of various pains. However, these sensations are not dangerous.

Pain at the 19th week of pregnancy

It's about abdominal pain associated with the tension of the muscles holding the uterus. These muscles are constantly getting thicker and stronger, but with sudden movements the woman can feel their tension. In addition, by the end of 19 weeks and further you will begin to feel the pressure of the uterus on the navel - from the inside. This is a very unpleasant and even irritating feeling, but when the uterus crosses this segment of the path, it will disappear, be patient.

The growing weight and size of the uterus puts pressure on the pelvic area and waist, where pain can also occur. In addition, the bones begin to spread very slowly, widening the birth path that the child will move on. These processes are also associated with pain in the bones (in particular in the hips).

Pain in the legs and back is the result of prolonged lying on the legs or sitting in an uncomfortable position. If you have a sedentary job, thentry to walk at least 1-2 times within an hour. Also, do not sit on chairs and couches without a backrest, do not toss your foot on the leg, do not wear high heels.


Abdominal pain may indicate a probability of abortion. If they are expressed, have a cramping character, if the lower abdomen really hurts and strongly pulls, and also if these pains are accompanied by spotting, then you need to tell the doctor about it.

The stomach at 19 weeks of pregnancy should have already grown significantly. Most likely, you can no longer sleep on your stomach, and you do not need to: in this position the uterus is squeezed, and this is undesirable and unpleasant. Also, it is not recommended to sleep on the back, so that the uterus does not with its weight pinch the hollow vein, blocking the access of blood and oxygen to the fetus.

Sensations (perturbations) at 19 weeks of pregnancy

The female body begins to gradually prepare for the forthcoming birth and breastfeeding. From the mammary glands colostrum can sometimes be allocated. Nothing special should not be done, just wipe the nipples with a clean soft cloth.

At 19 weeks of pregnancy, hemoglobin in the blood can be lowered due to the increase in its volume. In this regard, a woman feels weak, fast fatigue, dizziness. Meanwhile, the pulse may increase, there are difficulties with breathing: deep breaths and exhalations are sometimes difficult. At such moments, try to breathe superficially, like a dog.

In the second trimester, sweating increases and urination becomes more frequent - all these are physiological processes that do not require treatment. But the appearance of stretch marks though it is quite natural, but very undesirable. Be sure to carry out the prevention of striae.

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