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The gestation period is 31 weeks - the fetus, weight, discharge, abdomen, childbirth, uzi
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31 weeks of pregnancy - how many months?

The delivery is 10 weeks, if you consider the ideal 40-week gestation. But in practice, in the expected date, not all women give birth, so it is not known how much remains. You have already retired a lot - 7, 5 obstetric months. And now begins the 31st week of pregnancy. The kid is preparing to show himself to the world.

Fetus (sex of the child)

The child at 31 weeks of gestation is already quite mature, but its development does not stop. He is now actively increasing muscle mass: the weight of the child can already exceed 1, 5 kg, and the size is on the average 40 cm to be born strong. However, internal organs and systems do not lag behind and continue to improve. The pancreas already produces insulin, but at the same time its cells continue to multiply. And then the liver develops - now it will be able to clean the children's blood from toxic substances.

The lungs are actively preparing for their functions. The development of a surfactant - a substance that prevents the clumping of empty alveolar bags so far - continues. This will allow them to "pout" when the child makes his first breath.

The brain does not stop developing: at the 31st week of pregnancy nerve cells are established, nerve fibers are surrounded by protective shells.

The baby has been feeling for a long time, reacting to mood swings, to your emotions. He hears sounds (not only intrauterine, but also distinguishes voices), has a developed sense of smell and sees well. And at 31 weeks there is also the so-called "corneal reflex": the baby will certainly shut her eyes if she touches the corneal eye. And to touch already there is something: by the end of this week the nails will almost reach the edge of the finger pad.

The sex of the child has long been known, but the genitals are still made out: the boy's testicles have not yet descended into the scrotum, and the girl's lips remain open. Bubbles are also not in place yet, and the skin is still translucent - in general, sitting still in the tummy still would not hurt. And my mother, meanwhile, is already beginning to count the weeks before delivery. Stock up with patience - so far too early & hellip;

Sensations at the 31st week of pregnancy

Of course, you are a little tired. To carry the load is getting heavier, sometimes there is not enough air for inhaling, you are constantly hot and you are sweating, and your favorite sleeping positions are no longer available. At 31 weeks of pregnancy, my mother feels awkward and awkward: she can not carry out many simple manipulations alone. The state of health also begins to deteriorate: the digestive system fails, the head hurts and swirls, can even ripple in the eyes. If you "bring", and everything develops or worsens edema, cramps and decreases or pressure rises, then do not hesitate to visit a gynecologist. In any case, appear in the clinic now will have more often, you also need to re-pass the main specialists and take all the tests, including swabs for infection. The doctor must make sure that you are absolutely healthy, because birth is not far off. And if there is some unforeseen problem, it will have to be solved in advance. One of the most common in the third trimester is thrush, which must certainly be cured before delivery.

In general, try to protect yourself, so that on a landmark day you were in a state of full combat readiness. Adhere to the already known recommendations that will help to eliminate many troubles: tackle the prevention of swelling and constipation, keep hygiene, keep emotions under control, do not violate the principles of healthy eating.

Now with renewed vigor, heartburn may increase, so if you have not yet found a way to save yourself from them, you will have to do it. And the pains are getting stronger and palpable. All the uncomfortable sensations in later terms only intensify & hellip;


Spine, sacrum, Pelvic bones and knee joints are under increasing pressure. Your weight is constantly increasing, the tummy continues to grow, and it does not pass without a trace. It is very important to learn to ease your condition and prevent severe pain and fatigue. Do not bulge your tummy forward, sit only on the chairs with the back, do not go for long, do not sleep on your back, try to rest for a day as necessary, always walk every day - fresh air is vital.

Pain in the back and lower back can greatly alleviate and even prevent the wearing of the bandage. But, firstly, not all pregnant women can wear a bandage, and secondly, if the presentation of the child is gluteal or transverse, the bandage will prevent a possible upset of the baby down the head. In general, consult a doctor: he will recommend to you, how to choose and wear an antenatal bandage.

In the third trimester, the risk of hemorrhoids increases. Therefore, pain in the anus should not be left without attention.

Many women complain of pain in the perineum at 31 weeks of pregnancy. In general, pelvic bones now soften under the influence of the hormone relaxin. They seem to be moving away. But if the pubic bone hurts, then this should not be silent.

Headache can occur for 1001 reasons. But if it is strong and sharp, moreover, accompanied by darkening of the eyes, cramps and swelling (which do not disappear by morning), then it is most likely about eclampsia, although this does not often happen: usually, gestosis is detected at an earlier stage .

Anxiety is also a pain in the abdomen. If it is not related to the work of the digestive organs, then tell us about the pains to your gynecologist: the stomach should not normally be sick.

Weight at 31 weeks of pregnancy

To avoid provoking problems with digestion of food, do not deviate from the general recommendations for nutrition at the 31st week of pregnancy. Many mothers think that in fact, nutrition is not so important, I should say, very vain. Your diet, regimen and method of cooking affect almost everything: swelling, dizziness, cramps in the calf muscles, thrush, heartburn, constipation, bloating, itching - everything is directly related to what and how you eat. What can we say about the weight, which is increasing every day. Moreover, the increase should ideally consist almost entirely of amniotic fluid, increased blood volume, the weight of the child, uterus and placenta, the weight of the growing breast, and only to a very small extent the fat stock of the mother, which will be consumed during childbirth and the period of infant breastfeeding.

So the appetite should be kept in check until the very last day, and especially in the third trimester. Weight at 31 weeks of pregnancy may increase in comparison with baseline values ??by a maximum of 11, 7-12, 5 kg. Do not starve yourself, if you are a little out of the scope - deviations are possible, because all one size fits can not row. But if there are significant deviations from the established norms, the doctor must establish the cause of the violation and help you to eliminate it. Probably, it is necessary to limit itself a little in a delivery. Maybe it will be enough just to reduce salt intake. Much worse, if excessive weight at 31 weeks of pregnancy is accompanied by increased pressure and swelling: in this case, you need to treat gestosis.


Some moms and dads after 30 weeks of pregnancy begin to gradually curtail their sexual activity. Undoubtedly, the emotional and physical state of the "pregnant" couple is constantly changing, this largely applies, of course, to women. But it is often men who begin to avoid intimacy at a later date.

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