Pregnancy Week 41

The gestation period is 41 weeks - childbirth, the flesh has moved away, fruit, excretion
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Fetus at 41 weeks of pregnancy

have not yet taken place, then, most likely, the date of their expected start was not calculated correctly. In practice, this happens often, and in PDR give birth to only 4-5% of all pregnant women. Whatever it was, and the baby by this time has gone all the way of intrauterine development and is ready to show itself to the world. All organs and systems of the fetus work, as expected. The departments of the gastrointestinal tract are fully prepared to take, promote and digest food; the lungs are ripe and are waiting for their portion of air; kidney, heart, liver, endocrine glands regularly perform their functions. In the development stage, only the central nervous system remains, which will continue to actively develop after the birth of the baby.

The fetus at 41 weeks of pregnancy looks exactly like a newborn baby: already enough subcutaneous fat has accumulated, so the peel is leveled and smooth, thickened and pleasantly turned pink. The generic grease remained, by and large, only in the skin folds, and the fluff almost completely descended from the body. Volosiki on the head grow like marigolds on the fingers: perhaps, they need to be cut right after birth.

Places for active games have long been lacking, and, nevertheless, the child continues to grow and recover. Its size at 41 weeks of gestation reaches 52 cm, and weight exceeds 3500 g. It already hardly moves, which foreshadows early births, but all the same you must count at least 10 movements every half hour, even very weak ones.

The child has already gone down, and presses the head to the bottom of the pelvis, which brings you multiple pains in the perineum, back, hips, sacrum and legs. He prepares for childbirth, taking the starting position and practicing tactics of behavior. Therefore, frightening calm can sometimes be replaced by sudden attacks of activity.

The placenta by this time is already a little old and can not perform its functions as it was before. But often it happens that at 41 weeks it has not yet overripe and supplies the necessary substances for the baby in full. In general, there is still no reason to worry: before 42 weeks pregnancy is not considered to be postponed. Therefore, if the survey shows that the baby's pulse and utero-placental exchange are normal, then about the stimulation of childbirth so far it will not go.

What to do at 41 weeks of pregnancy?

The fact that all the bags in the hospital by this time are collected, and all the relatives are informed about their actions in case you start fighting, and you can not speak. In principle, this is important. Now you can use the last days (if not hours) to rest and do nothing: the next time this opportunity will not come to you soon. If for some reason you had to limit yourself in something, then much of the forbidden can already be allowed at 41 weeks of pregnancy. Eat something very tasty, but not very useful, or drink a glass of wine, because the entire period of breastfeeding will have to adhere to a diet. Be engaged in sex with the beloved husband, after all after sorts or labors it is necessary to endure any time. By the way, sex is the most vivid, pleasant and safe stimulation of the birth process, in this connection, after 40 weeks of pregnancy, doctors recommend contacting his help as often as possible.

Psychologists advise you to talk with your baby if he is late with his birth. Communication in any case should not be stopped, because the baby already so well hears and feels you! Moreover, in childbirth you will be a real team, which for its efforts will receive the most important prize - a long-awaited meeting.

If for some reason you are not yet familiar with breathing and relaxation techniques, then be sure to study them now. If you already know enough about childbirth, it seems to you, then start to study information about caring for a newborn.

Listen to your body. Many of the precursors of childbirth you have noticed for a long time already: the tummy may have lowered, it became easier to breathe, the heartburn, constipation and swelling diminished or disappeared. In return, there were pains in the lower abdomen, in the perineum and hips, in the back and lower back, which are also shot at the feet. The mood again changes without cause, you could detect a plumb line of 1-2 kg and a decrease in appetite. Sometimes an upset stomach. And, of course, the toilet has become your home, since the bladder is now under strong pressure.

But the most obvious signs of the onset of labor are regular contractions, the passage of mucous plug and amniotic fluid. Therefore, keep an eye on your secretions.

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