1st month of pregnancy

1st month of pregnancy - signs, sensations, nutrition

Today we will talk about the very first changes that the first month of pregnancy entails, as well as the development of the baby and feeding the mother during this period.

In the first month of pregnancy, women can experience such changes in the body:

  • general weakness;
  • drowsiness;
  • increased salivation;
  • increased urination;
  • a sharp reaction to smells and food;
  • Toxicosis.

Note that these feelings are subjective and not all. Therefore, it is not worthwhile to adjust oneself to "suffering" in advance. Especially since these symptoms can be avoided with the help of proper and adequate nutrition, which is simply necessary in the first month of pregnancy.

So, the nutrition of the expectant mother in the first month of pregnancy should be saturated with fruits and vegetables, protein and carbohydrate food. To ensure that the internal organs of the unborn child are properly formed, it is recommended to take folic acid, vitamin E and iodine. Let us note that all these vitamins are contained in the products. For example: folic acid is found in melon, tangerine, orange, watermelon, apple, pear. Vitamin E - in sprouted wheat grains, green and leafy vegetables, avocado. Iodine is found in sea fish, walnuts, currants and prunes. Be sure to add these products to the daily diet of your diet, so that your baby is properly formed, and you feel cheerful and healthy!

Now let's talk about the changes in the intrauterine development of the child.

The first month of pregnancy is a very important and responsible period. In the first week of intrauterine development of the baby, there is a certain "journey" of the embryo from the fallopian tube into the uterine cavity, to the wall of which the embryo is attached. In the second week of pregnancy, a child's place (placenta) is formed, thanks to which the baby receives all the nutrients, and oxygen from the mother. Note, that during this period the outer layer of the embryo produces the first hormone of pregnancy, which is called the chorionic gonadotropin. Therefore, it is on the second week of pregnancy that it is possible to determine the pregnancy by the analysis of blood and urine, that is, to conduct an early diagnosis of pregnancy.

By the end of the second week, the embryo begins to form an umbilical cord, precursors of organs and tissues appear, the chord is laid - the future spine. Also, during this period, the formation of the nervous system.

The third week of pregnancy - the period of formation of blood vessels and the heart of the baby. Of course, it is not yet complete, but it is beginning to decline.

By the end of the first month of pregnancy, the legs, hands, and even the eye cavities are developing.

As you can see, changes in the first month of pregnancy in your body a whole lot. Therefore, you must take care of yourself and the future child as carefully as possible. Remember that alcohol, smoking, stress and taking medicines are very detrimental to the baby, and can provoke pathologies in development. Also, protect yourself and your baby from excessive physical exertion and viral infections. Your task is to make every effort to save your future baby and give him the opportunity to develop properly!

Take care of yourself and your baby, eat right, walk in the open air more often, surround yourself with a positive and be happy!

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