3D uzi during pregnancy

3D uzi during pregnancy, indications, features and benefits

It is interesting that the apparatus for performing ultrasound research, which allows to obtain a three-dimensional image, was invented not so long ago, in 1989, but for a long time it was not used, because the picture quality was very low. Only in 1996, with the advent of scanners, real-time information transmission became possible. It was on the basis of the scanner that the sensor for ultrasound in 3D format was developed, which did not differ from the two-dimensional one, only its size was three times larger. Since then, 3D studies have become actively used in medicine, and especially in obstetrics.

For women, ultrasound in pregnancy is no longer a novelty. This method of research has become a habitual procedure during pregnancy, and often not only his mother, but also the pope is waiting with impatience, since it is a matter of determining the sex of the child. Now more and more popular is winning 3D ultrasound. It can be performed from 24 weeks of pregnancy. The three-dimensional image gives an opportunity to get to know your child more closely, to see not only the general outlines of the fruit, but also its features, facial expressions and even the first smile still in the womb. In addition, there is a medical aspect of the advantages of 3D ultrasound before the two-dimensional: some defects (facial defects, the number of fingers, spinal cord neuroraxation, etc.) are very difficult to detect in routine research, and 3D ultrasound makes the picture more clear and gives the opportunity, if necessary, change the tactics of pregnancy management. Another plus of three-dimensional ultrasound is that it is sometimes difficult to determine the sex of a child at an ordinary research, which is important to know not only to satisfy the curiosity of parents, but also in some hereditary pathologies. Then 3D ultrasound should be done at 14-17 weeks.

But even if there are no special medical indications for the passage of a three-dimensional ultrasound study, then this is still a great opportunity to get even better acquainted with your child. After all, it is not uncommon for mothers to get close to a baby after giving birth because of insufficient visualization during pregnancy, because it is one thing to feel the child inside of yourself and quite another to see. And besides the development or stimulation of the maternal instinct, 3D ultrasound is extremely useful for the pope with him, because for him the first meeting with the baby is also a very important moment, especially if it is the first child. Therefore, the earlier you see your baby (at least on the screen), the better for everyone. Almost all clinics where 3D ultrasounds are doing, offer photos and video with the baby to keep to themselves, and in a few years the child himself will be very interested in looking at his first photos, albeit so unusual.

Often, future mothers are interested in whether there are contraindications to a two- or three-dimensional ultrasound. Ultrasound in the mode and proportions that are used in obstetrics, is absolutely safe for both mom and baby. This is proved by clinical studies and long-term experience of using this method in obstetric practice. With regard to 3D ultrasound, then with it the level of ultrasound exposure is only 1% of the total time of ultrasound, and the rest of the time is spent processing the information of the reflected signals, that is, the three-dimensional study is as safe as the two-dimensional one. However, for whatever purposes ultrasound may be performed (for diagnosing possible pathologies or simply for acquaintance of the mother and the child), it can not be conducted arbitrarily and uncontrolled: any ultrasound is prescribed by a doctor. Most often, a leading pregnancy doctor conducts ultrasound in strictly regulated terms, when it has the greatest diagnostic value.

The cost of a three-dimensional ultrasound study varies in different pregnancy management clinics depending on the purpose of ultrasound, the quality of the equipment used, the experience of the doctor and other factors. On average, you can count on the price within 3-4 thousand rubles. In some blades, 3D ultrasound, including recording on digital media, is included in the pregnancy management program and is provided free of charge to those who participate in it.

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