42 weeks of pregnancy

42 weeks of pregnancy - a description, there is no delivery, how to give birth, what to do, the fruit, the cork has left

Even at the 42nd week of pregnancy, there is nothing to worry about. Doctors talk about a delayed pregnancy, starting at 43 weeks. It is likely that your deadline was incorrectly set. But, of course, the baby could just sit in the tummy. And although he is fully ready to go out, the baby does not stop growing: at 42 weeks of gestation the weight of the fetus is on the average 3685 g, and the growth reaches 51.5 cm. And this is a certain difficulty: the larger the child, the more difficult he should move forward through the family ways.

A child at 42 weeks of gestation

Up to 42 weeks of pregnancy, only 10% of expectant mothers "hold out". And even in such cases, doctors behave very calmly. Born this week baby, most likely, will feel fine. But if this does not happen, next week you will be referred for additional tests that will help to establish the condition of the fetus, amniotic fluid, placenta and the cervix proper.

Corresponding measures will help determine how the crumb feels there and whether it should not resort to stimulation of childbirth. Though usually, if pregnancy proceeds safely, even at 42 week it is not required, and the future mummy quite calmly can still wear a baby.

After all, the cranial bones of the crumb, aging and deterioration of the placenta, a critical decrease in amniotic fluid is usually characteristic for 43-44 weeks. Such phenomena for the baby and the truth are risky: a decrease in the amniotic fluid leads to the drying out of the baby's skin and its peeling, the hardening of the skull bones in the future can make it difficult to pass through the birth canal, the aging of the placenta worsens the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus & hellip;

Future mother

However, this development of events, as mentioned above, usually occurs after 42 weeks of pregnancy. And while you are quietly living your life, listening to the baby, carry a habit already huge belly and morally "ripen" until the upcoming birth.

Bags in the hospital are collected, you picked up the kid's name and with the pope are in constant readiness. So why does not the little one hurry up to meet you? Is everything in order there? Answers to these questions a woman can get, having gone on survey to the doctor, including - and for the guaranteed exception of risk of an overdosing pregnancy.

Childbirth at 42 weeks gestation: what to do if there is no delivery

There are a number of indicators that can be used to judge a truly perishing pregnancy:

  • there are no "front waters" (which tighten the head of the child);
  • the amount of amniotic fluid as a whole decreased sharply;
  • amniotic fluid is turbid from meconium defecation;
  • in the amniotic fluid there are no flakes of damp grease;
  • the bones of the child's skull are too hard;
  • the cervix of the uterus is immature;
  • there are signs of aging of the placenta.

If these symptoms are confirmed in you, the doctor will offer stimulation of labor or even, perhaps, a cesarean section. Drug-induced stimulation of labor is possible only if there is a maturity of the cervix, if it is not available, specialists can artificially stimulate its "maturation" immediately before the stimulation of labor.

However, if the indications for an urgent and unavoidable stimulation of labor are not present, a woman who does not worry can wear out a pregnancy. And, while you still have a few days left, try yourself to stimulate the uterus to contractions at home. For this purpose active walking tours, sex, massage of the nipples.

Among the popular recipes of natural stimulation of childbirth - and advice on acupuncture, and recommendations for consuming tea from raspberry leaves, and eating pineapple. It has also been known for a long time that it is possible to approximate childbirth by using castor oil: cleansing of the intestine provokes contractions of the uterus and, accordingly, the onset of labor. That's only with castor oil, experts advise to handle very carefully: oil castor oil is a strong laxative, capable of causing nausea and diarrhea. Sometimes births do not occur because of the psychological setting of a pregnant woman: for example, if she decided to please her husband with an heir to his birthday or give birth to a daughter for the New Year.

But if the fact of repetition, as they say, is obvious, and there are grounds for invasion of this process, then one should heed the advice of a doctor. Remember that the cranial bones harden, and the risk of birth trauma increases, the placenta is aging and can not fully provide the fetus with everything necessary, a great risk of erupting meconium into the amniotic fluid, which is fraught with its consequences, and the amniotic fluid itself is significantly reduced in volume, which causes the skin to dry out. In general, if a reliable verdict on perenashivanie is made, it is better not to drag with it.

However, if the doctor assures you that everything is in order, the survey showed that the fetus feels quite comfortable and you still have time to wait, do not rush things. Remember that only 4% of children are born on the estimated date of birth.

Still listen to the baby and your feelings, do not stop talking to him, ask him to hurry - it's time to get acquainted with one's eye.

Let your acquaintance pass in the easiest and most pleasant way! Health to your baby and you!

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