A calendar of conception of a girl and a boy

A calendar of conception of a girl and a boy

Science will help

Almost all men want the first boy they have born. The desire to have an heir, more precisely a tradition, has remained since the Middle Ages, when sons could inherit the throne, title, family business. And many women, wishing to please her husband, dream of giving him an heir.

So, how to increase the chances of future dad and mother to conceive a son?

Statistics show that there are 106 boys born for 100 girls. And although male embryos are formed more, however, these embryos die more often. And to reproductive age, for a number of reasons, a gender balance of 1 to 1 is formed.

Let's turn to science. Sex cells contain 1 sex chromosome and 22 non-sexual. That is, there are 23 chromosomes in the spermatozoon and in the ovum. Fusing and forming a fetal egg, an individual genotype of a girl with 46 chromosomes of XX or a boy with 46 X chromosomes is formed. Sex is a combination of two sex chromosomes: in girls, the combination of XX, and the boys XY, because all the ovules of a woman contain one X chromosome. In men, spermatozoa are of two types: with the X chromosome and with the Y chromosome. When the egg is fertilized with an X-sperm, a girl is born, and a Y-spermatozoon is a boy. That is, the sex of the future child depends on the male sexual cell! That is why reproaches to his wife about the sex of the child are absolutely unreasonable! After all, a woman can pass the baby only to the X chromosome, and the second chromosome is X or Y, the man says.

Ovulation planning

It should be noted that planning the sex of the future child for ovulation will be more reliable for women with a stable cycle. With an irregular cycle, the date of ovulation is more difficult to determine, so it is more difficult to use this method. It is based on the difference between X- and Y-spermatozoa. The X chromosome is larger, slower, but more viable than the Y-chromosome.

To increase the probability of conception of a boy, you need to plan a sexual act for the time of ovulation. Conception (fertilization of an egg with a sperm cell) occurs after ovulation (release of the egg into the fallopian tube). If the intimate relationship was 1-2 days before ovulation, then most likely, in the sexual organs of the woman remained hardy X-spermatozoa. They give birth to a girl.

If a man and a woman manage to abstain from sex before the onset of ovulation and sexual intercourse occurs at this time, then the chances of conceiving a boy increase. After all, in this case, the active Y-spermatozoa first reach the ovum, ahead of the X-spermatozoa. A few days before ovulation, the vaginal environment is more acidic, and the Y-spermatozoa just die there. And during the ovulation period, the pH of the medium becomes alkaline. This contributes to the survival of Y-spermatozoa.

In order to increase the chances of a girl or boy being born, a woman should correctly calculate the day onset of ovulation. Only in this case the method will be more effective.

Dependence on sexual activity

Medicine, based on the above theory, speaks of the impact of sexual activity of parents on the sex of the future child. So, with frequent intimate relationships, boys are more often born. After all, in this case, the probability of fertilization of the ovum with active Y-spermatozoa is higher. If the sexual activity is low, then most likely, the ovum X-spermatozoon will fertilize. There is evidence of their "vitality" in the genital tract of a woman even up to 5 days after sexual intercourse.

Folk methods

They give low chances for the birth of a child of a certain gender. But still you can listen to them.

To conceive a boy, you must plan your conception for odd months at even-years of your life. Or do the opposite: in odd-numbered years plan for even months. At the same time to have sex at night, when the sky is visible for a month. The room should be cool, and under the pillow should be a "male" attribute - machine, machine. To conceive a girl, the day of fertilization must be rainy and fall on the full moon. You should have sex in the evening, and put a pink ribbon under the pillow. Conception of the girl is promoted by a dairy diet.

None of the above methods does not give 100% of the result in the birth of a female girl or boy. Dont be upset, if on ultrasound you will announce the wrong sex of the child that you and your husband planned. The main thing is the appearance of a healthy child in the family. And after the boy will necessarily be a girl or vice versa. Good luck and health to you!

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