Abdominal abscess before childbirth

Abdominal abscess before childbirth

Omitting the bottom of the uterus in the people is called lowering the abdomen before childbirth. Doctors still call this process the formation of the fetus. Lowering the abdomen indicates the beginning of the preparation of your and children's organisms for childbirth and is one of the earliest precursors of childbirth.

How does the abdomen drop before giving birth?

When the kid feels ready to be born, he begins to move closer to the "exit", occupying the presenting part (the one that he rushed forward, in the overwhelming majority of cases it is the head) in the small pelvis. The child takes a comfortable position for birth, in which he will expect the appearance of fights.

Most women immediately feel that the abdomen before delivery has fallen: it became easier to breathe, dyspnea disappeared, because now the uterus does not squeeze the diaphragm. Besides, you can note that you are no longer bothered by belching or heartburn - the organs of the upper part of the digestive tract become in their place, freed from occupation. Instead, a woman may experience other unpleasant sensations: frequent urge to go to the toilet, discomfort when walking and sitting, tenderness in the perineum and pelvis, inconvenience during sleep (it is difficult to find a comfortable pose). All that the uterus begins to press down, mainly on the bladder and rectum, and the baby's head is located in the small pelvis.

But not all future mothers observe the described changes, so they may not even know that the tummy has already descended. If between your chest and stomach you have a free hand, then, most likely, the process has started.

However, it also happens in a different way.

< h2> When does the abdomen drop before giving birth?

Abdominal abscess occurs in all different ways and at different times. Most primiparous women survive it 2-4 weeks before the onset of labor. And in the re-birth belly, as a rule, does not go down to the birth itself, or it occurs in a few days.

Lowering of the abdomen before birth takes place on the average during the 36th week of pregnancy 2-4 weeks before the contractions. But this is only averaged statistics.

You should not worry, if you went 38-39-th week of pregnancy, and the stomach has not descended. This may not happen until the birth itself: in this case it is recommended to move more and experience fights vertically to facilitate and accelerate the progress of the baby by birth.

Similarly, too early, in your opinion, the lowering of the abdomen is not a cause for concern. Despite the fact that belly dips are considered one of the harbingers of the approaching genera, it is impossible to say for sure when they will begin after the stomach has lowered: a month or a day later.

All options are the norm, and even non-admission of the abdomen to the fights themselves. So it is not worthwhile to focus on this feature.

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