Absence of toxicosis in pregnancy: good or bad

Absence of toxicosis in pregnancy - good or bad

Why is toxicosis

In order to understand whether this phenomenon really accompanies the bearing of a child, it is first necessary to learn about the mechanism of its appearance.

So, the onset of pregnancy is a cardinal change in the body of a future mother. Everything changes, because for nine months the female reproductive organs will perform their basic and very important function - the birth and bearing of a new life. And this responsibility begins with colossal hormonal changes in the female body. They cause changes in the work of the internal organs and systems of the future mother. Just the period of adaptation to the new situation and causes such surprises as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, a completely different perception of odors, the emergence of new taste predilections.

Another real cause of toxicosis is a deficiency of vitamins and other nutrients in the blood of a future mother. After all, now they are needed for two. That's why gynecologists often assign to their patients special complexes of vitamins and microelements in the early stages. By the way, after their use after a while, the toxicosis recedes, its manifestations decrease.

Another reason for his offensive is the psychological factor, that is, the mood of the future mother. If she heard from her friends about the manifestations of toxicosis, the means of escape from him, then he involuntarily programs himself for such bearing. It is worth noting that with such a nature of toxicosis with a woman can work as a psychologist - and all signs of the phenomenon will soon disappear. You also need to take into account the genetic factor. If the mother of a pregnant woman bore children with early or late toxicosis, it is likely that this will be the nature of the course of pregnancy in her daughter. With heredity it is difficult to fight.

Healthy and without toxicosis

When, on the maternal line of bearing, passed without manifestations of nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, then it is likely that such a scenario would also be repeated. That is, many women in the early stages can feel fine and not suspect about the pregnancy that has come.

Psychologists say that the appearance of toxicosis depends on the mood of a woman to bear a baby. If she wants a child, plans for his appearance, while she has a strong and healthy body, then at the initial stage of embryo development, no negative phenomena may disturb her at all. And when the pregnancy is unplanned, the woman doubts whether to give birth to her or not, painfully decides that the child should be saved, then this negativism manifests itself as a toxicosis.

So, bearing fruit without such an unpleasant phenomenon is an occasion for joy, and not for anxiety. You can not worry about the fact that the future baby is missing something, it is deprived of useful substances. Good health in the early stages of pregnancy - this is the calmness of my mother, her good mood and the lack of many questions, the correct answers to which can give a gynecologist.

And even in the absence of early toxicosis, a woman will not be at risk of abortion, which is sometimes caused by toxicosis.

That's why you should not worry about happy future mothers who feel great in the first months of bearing a child. It is not necessary to listen to those "experts" who impose their opinion on toxicosis as an obligatory and auspicious pregnancy companion. All women are different. They have different nurturing of their children and giving birth. This is called the individual characteristics of the body. The only thing worth listening to is how your mother bore her pregnancy. It is likely that one - with a toxicosis, and another - without or with its weak manifestations. So tune in to the positive and ask all your questions to your doctor. If he is experienced, he will give you exhaustive and competent answers to them.

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