Acne on the face during pregnancy

Acne on the face during pregnancy - causes and treatment

And do you know that in the old days, the sex of the future child was predicted from a change in the condition of the skin of the face? It was said that the girl takes the maternal beauty, and therefore the skin becomes worse - it may appear rashes, pimples and pigmentation, but if the skin does not change, then "predicted" the birth of the boy. But predictions are predictions, and in pimples a little pleasant & hellip;

Causes of acne during pregnancy

Many girls get used to associate the appearance of acne with approaching critical days, but during pregnancy, acne appears for other reasons:

  1. Overabundance of cutaneous fat (sebum), provoked by irregular hormones estrogen and progesterone. Skin fat clogs the pores, thus creating favorable conditions for the reproduction and growth of bacteria, resulting in the appearance of acne.
  2. Dehydration of the body. If you have a disturbed or not adjusted drinking regime (consumption of 2 liters of pure still water per day, then, again, "undiluted" hormones that activate the production of sebum are included in the work.
  3. Nerves and stresses - more one reason for the appearance of acne. Mood swings are natural for a pregnant woman (especially in the early stages), but learn to behave! In the old days it was said that, as far as you are balanced in the period of gestation, your baby will be so calm too.
  4. The state of the immune system. Acne can be a signal that immunity needs support, and this is important not only for you personally, but for the baby too.
  5. Food can also be the cause of acne. Finitely and this is important not only for you personally, but for the baby too.
  6. Food can also be the cause of acne. Finitely and this is important not only for you personally, but for the baby too.
  7. Food can also be the cause of acne. Finitelyo, in pregnant women the desire for food can be very extravagant and unexpected for others, however, after knocking off the "sudden" desire, one should still adhere to a healthy diet.
  8. Hygiene - daily washing, peeling and scrubs for pregnant women are not prohibited, so give the skin cleaning enough time and effort.
  9. Cosmetics, being substandard or overdue, can "lay a pig" in the form of acne. Particular attention should be given to the composition of cosmetics. It will be better if it is natural, with a minimum of all fragrances and preservatives. Means for face and body care can be done independently from natural ingredients (but you will be sure of their composition and freshness). Some of the women are so brave, that for the period of pregnancy they refuse from decorative cosmetics.

In pregnant women, acne eruptions most often occur in the first trimester, when the fluctuations in the level of hormones are most wide. However, acne can appear in the second trimester, and even at the end of pregnancy. There are also lucky ones who this problem has not touched during the entire pregnancy, but there are those who had to fight with acne not only during the period of gestation, but also after the birth, because each pregnancy is individual.

About whether a woman will have pimples during pregnancy or not, she should ask her mother and grandmother - the heredity factor here plays an important role.

How to treat acne during pregnancy?

Even such a "trivial" problem, like acne, should not be treated independently, especially during the period of bearing of the child! Many drugs used in the appearance of acne in normal conditions, pregnant are contraindicated, and therefore even your existing cosmetics should be subjected to a thorough test for fitness in your current situation.


  • steroids,
  • aromatic steroids,
  • benzene peroxide are contraindicative:

    • ,
    • funds with salicylic acid.

    The content of these components can be found in the instructions for preparations and products.

    In order not to aggravate the current state of the skin and reduce the risk of acne, try to follow simple rules: / p>

    1. Wash regularly. Do not allow delays on the face of sebum, and even mixed with street dust. Clean your face with special hygiene and running water.
    2. Keep an eye on the digestive system - eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals, drink enough water, eliminate spicy, fatty, smoked food.
    3. Do not touch your face again, and especially do not squeeze pimples! So you can spread the infection even more.


    Tell your treating gynecologist about the problem or consult a dermatologist (do not forget to tell us about your current situation) - they will be able to recommend you a remedy, which will help improve the condition of the skin of the face.

    Usually, in such cases, we recommend:

    • Creams with glycolic acid or other alpha hydroxy acids (eg, lactic, tartaric, citric, apple, almond, lactobionic).
    • Skineren cream or gel is very effective for acne, but can cause redness and irritation of the skin (in addition, they can be used only in cases of acute need, especially in the first trimester, and on the advice of a doctor, because they contain benzoic acid).
    • Lotion "Zinerit" (when pregnant only as prescribed by the doctor and only in prescribed doses!) - contains erythromycin and zinc, has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, kadonololytic properties.
    • Ointments and creams with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect: "Eplan" - among its contraindications pregnancy is not listed; "Kvontan" - does not contain antibiotics, alcohol and hormones, is not contraindicated for use in pregnancy.
    • Spray "Cynovit" - restores the work of sebaceous glands, effectively helps against acne, black spots and acne.

    Folk remedies

    In addition to medications, the doctor may advise you to take advantage at this stage of folk remedies, which, as a rule, consist of natural components:

    1. Masks based on black and green cosmetic clay. They will remove the inflammation and remove the contamination.
    2. Masks from fresh vegetables and fruits. They have anti-inflammatory properties, promote skin whitening, filling it with vitamins.
    3. Masks using colorless henna (it is diluted according to the instructions and applied to the previously cleaned problem area of ??the skin for 15 minutes) - 2 times a week.
    4. Lotions with broths of herbs - turns, chamomiles, calendula.
    5. Fruit pilling acts softer than scrub, it does not hurt the skin, but it cleans the pores well, renews the skin, giving it a healthier look.
    6. Steam baths (making them better before skin cleansing procedures) - steam opens the pores, and they are cleaned better. In addition, with open pores, the beneficial substances of masks are absorbed better, and the vapors of medicinal herbs also have a beneficial effect on the skin.

    However, be careful, because among the folk remedies, not all of them can be useful during pregnancy. After choosing a folk remedy before applying it, consult with your doctor in order not to harm yourself or the baby.

    Be healthy! Be beautiful!

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