Acute in pregnancy

Is it possible to eat acute during pregnancy?

In various medical recommendations on nutrition during pregnancy, you are unlikely to find a definitive ban on spicy food. However, all of them converge in one: it is not recommended to lean on an acute one. That is, you can eat a slice of meat with chili sauce occasionally, but it is not advisable: all is better to do without the latter. Knowingly doctors, talking about the fact that the future mother needs to eat cheese, and certainly add: mild.

Of course, many pregnant women will immediately say that there is nothing in this, and if you want a sharp - eat for health, because that's exactly what they did and gave birth to absolutely healthy children. In part, they will be right, but let's not forget, that the poison from the medicine differs only in dosage. That's why we recommend that you do not abuse such food.

So, if you feel well and do not have health problems, an irresistible desire to eat an acute one can be cautiously satisfied, having tasted a little to calm the soul and body. This is the case when you need to know the measure. Undoubtedly, harm from suffering for the uneaten clove of garlic will be much more than from the spice itself.

However, if you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, it is better to endure. Try to deceive yourself with something, eat something tasty, but safe. Remember that spicy food provokes severe heartburn, which is already baked to pregnant women. There is a feeling of thirst, and consumption of a large amount of fluid entails swelling. The liver suffers too. Abuse of the acute can cause tremors, insomnia, dizziness, suffocation, fainting, nausea, diarrhea, colitis and ulcers.

In general, weigh, will your body withstand so high now for him the load and whether to take risks. Remember that the aggravation of diseases (for example, gastritis) is very undesirable for you now. It's hard to endure the pain, but you can not treat it.

With special caution to this issue should be approached in the last two months of pregnancy. In this period it is better to completely eliminate all the spicy: pepper, mustard, garlic, onion, horseradish, radish, vinegar, ginger and others. Even if you are absolutely healthy and feel great - better take care. In general, we advise you to initially build a trusting relationship with your doctor, so that, when you have any doubts about anything, you could call him and calmly consult. After all, everything is very individual. And often sharp can even be useful!

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