Adenomyosis and pregnancy

Pregnancy and adenomyosis - symptoms, conception, consequences and treatment

How is adenomyosis manifested?

Some women do not. But a certain number of representatives of the fair sex feel adenomyosis, as they say, "in full". Among the symptoms of this disease:

  • profuse menstruation, often leading to a decrease in the level of hemoglobin in the blood;
  • severe pain during menstruation;
  • the appearance of a so-called smear for several days before menstruation, and after (as a rule, it has a dark brown color);
  • pain during sexual intercourse;
  • change in the shape and size of the uterus (the doctor determines).

If you have such symptoms, it does not say anything about adenomyosis. In other diseases, for example, with cervical polyps or uterine myoma, similar symptoms are possible.

Over time, adenomyosis does not turn into cancer.

Which group of women is most susceptible to adenomyosis?

This question is difficult to answer. The greatest number of cases of occurrence and development of adenomyosis is noted among women who survived abortions, miscarriages or operations on the uterus. Nevertheless, there is a disease among those who do not know a single, second, or third person on personal experience. Also, not all hundred percent of women who undergo surgery develop adenomyosis.

Women are also at risk, who often experience stress and overexertion, lead an excessively active lifestyle, and work hard physically. Often, adenomyosis occurs in those who abuse solar baths or sessions in the solarium.

Is pregnancy possible with adenomyosis?

For some women, adenomyosis is a sentence, because the disease becomes a barrier to a happy motherhood. Quite often adenomyosis is the cause of infertility, and even prolonged treatment does not give the expected results. Nevertheless, a certain number of women are absolutely normal as a conception, as well as bearing and, in particular, the birth of children.

If problems with conceiving or bearing exist, then adequate treatment is necessary. If not, and the symptoms do not bother, then treatment is not carried out.

Moreover, Western experts argue that the relationship between adenomyosis and infertility has not been fully proven. According to them, adenomyosis can become an obstacle to the onset of pregnancy only if it is combined with other pathological conditions. After surgery, pregnancy occurs in 35% -60% of women. In most cases, women are prescribed hormonal drugs.

In some cases, if the pregnancy has nevertheless occurred on the background of adenomyosis, a special medical control is established for the woman to take adequate and timely measures if necessary. But quite often the come pregnancy is under threat. Nevertheless, pregnancy can have a beneficial effect on the course of the disease, because it is a physiological menopause (menstruation is absent), which leads to a decrease in the rate of growth of foci of endometriosis. In some cases, adenomyosis disappears completely.

Each case of the disease is individual and requires a special approach. To put the right diagnosis and choose the right technique for treatment or the management of pregnancy, you need to contact a good specialist. All articles on the Internet are informative in nature and in no case do not replace the advice of a doctor. After all, sometimes similar symptoms have several diseases, and to determine what exactly a particular person can only a competent specialist.

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