Aevit during pregnancy

Aevit during pregnancy - instructions for use, contraindications and reviews

To Whom and Why

Aevitum is a complex agent, which contains alpha-tocopherol acetate (vitamin E) and retinol palmitate (vitamin A). This drug is classified as a multivitamin, since it is called medicines containing 2 vitamins and more. One capsule contains 100,000 IU of vitamin A and 0, 1 g of vitamin E. The daily dose of the drug is 1-2 capsules. Sold the drug in a pharmacy without a prescription.

Aevit activates the production of enzymes in tissues, normalizes the synthesis of visual pigments, restores skin integuments and mucous epithelium. The drug is an antioxidant and binds free radicals. It activates the blood supply, increasing the permeability of blood vessels. Aevitis is prescribed for diseases of blood vessels, skin and infectious diseases, visual impairment, in the presence of alcohol, drug dependence.

Aevit in the planning of pregnancy

The drug has a large spectrum of action and for future mothers can be used as a fortifying agent, a stimulant of metabolic processes. After all, during pregnancy the load on the woman's body increases substantially, and this applies to all organs and tissues. Since it is the circulatory system that is responsible for supplying the embryo from the mother, Aevit is prescribed as an auxiliary to this system.

Women recommend it only when planning a child, and not during the conception period. The nuances of taking Aevit should be discussed with the doctor to determine the correct dosage and course of admission.

Aevitis during pregnancy

Several years ago it became known, that this vitamin preparation can be dangerous during pregnancy. He fell into the category of dangerous, because it contains too much a dose of vitamins. If this dose is administered to the pregnant woman, this can lead to fetal development pathologies. Doctors call this a teratogenic effect. The excess of vitamins A and E promotes complications in pregnancy and can provoke late toxicosis. It should be remembered that Aevit and for healthy people can have side effects: dizziness, nausea, skin rashes, blood from the nose. For pregnant women, these risks increase. And retinol is deposited in the liver and is not excreted from the body for a long time (several months). The longer the drug was taken, the more doctors advised to protect against pregnancy.

Of course, both vitamins are needed for normal fetal development. But they can be obtained from food. So, vitamin A is found in greens, vegetables, and sour-milk products. Vitamin E can be obtained from vegetable oil, potatoes, cucumbers. That is, a balanced diet and regular presence in the body of fruits and vegetables will provide the fetus with the necessary dose of vitamins A and E.

If a woman still took Aevit before or after conception, then there is a small risk of having a defective child . To avoid this, you need to maximize the intake of folic acid: from 400 ?g to 4-5 mg per day. And doctors advise taking iodomarin. In pregnancy, such a woman must have an expert ultrasound and screening.

Do not recommend the drug and during lactation.

In women's forums, you can read many positive reviews about Aevita, as an auxiliary tool for youthful skin and healthy hair, nails. But during pregnancy, the main thing should be inner beauty and well-being, taking care of the correct development of the child. If, however, to an interesting situation, you used this drug to improve the skin condition of the face, now you can temporarily switch to folk remedies.

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