Aflubin during pregnancy

Aflubin during pregnancy - instructions for use, feedback

Let's try to deal with Aflubin, which today causes a lot of controversy, especially if it was assigned to a pregnant woman.

Aflubin during pregnancy: instruction

Every sensible person, before drinking a medicine, reads the instruction, as if verifying what the doctor had appointed. Logically, the doctor himself should use the same instruction in which the manufacturer is obliged to indicate all information about his drug. What is a sin to conceal, many "creators" of medicines do not give all the information about their remedy, and doctors even more often trust advertising, or (in the worst case) execute instructions "from above", appointing "necessary" medicines to their pot-bellied patients. Although now it's not about that. Just Aflubin does not belong to the "mysterious" drugs, because everything is very clear in his instructions: a homeopathic preparation, raises local immunity, fights against viruses, is both an antipyretic and detoxifying, and immunomodulating, and anti-inflammatory drug.

Aflubin is treated with influenza and parainfluenza, other acute respiratory diseases, inflammatory and rheumatic diseases, However, this medicine does not cure the sore, but only alleviates its symptoms, that is, Aflubin is taken in complex therapy or for the prevention of colds.

Aflubin is released in the form of drops and tablets. The course of treatment, as well as dosage is prescribed depending on many factors (the age of the patient, the course of the disease, etc.). Both tablets and drops are taken orally 30 minutes before meals, or an hour after a meal. For a better effect, drops should be held in the mouth for a few seconds (20-30), and the tablet is placed under the tongue until it is completely resorbed.

Aflubin has no side effects, except, very rarely, excessive salivation. It can not be taken with individual intolerance of the components, and also only according to the doctor's prescription during pregnancy and lactation. So we got to that, what excites us most: the possibility of using Aflubin in pregnancy.

The same instruction reads: "The effect of Aflubin is the result of the combined effect of its components, therefore it is not possible to carry out kinetic observations; all of the components can not be traced using markers or bio-studies. " Try here to figure out how the medicine can affect the fetus and the very future mother. Therefore, the producers of Aflubin took off all responsibility, and in the line "application in pregnancy and lactation" indicated: only according to the doctor's prescription.

Aflubin in pregnancy: practice

How often do doctors prescribe Aflubin to pregnant women? Do mothers take this medicine? It is difficult to answer unequivocally, because opinions are divided. Those who say "FOR" with both hands: the active ingredients of the drug do not penetrate the placenta to the fetus, that is, they can not influence it - this time. Aflubin does not cause any "pox" and allergic reactions - these are two. It is prescribed to nursing infants, so pregnant women can also drink medicine without fear - these are three.

Those who are "AGAINST" have their arguments: the composition contains ethyl alcohol - where is his future mother? This is in the first place. And secondly, the medicine is "called upon" to enhance the body's immune defenses. And suddenly the immunity will rise to such an extent that it will reject the foreign body - the fruit? It is especially dangerous to apply Aflubin in the first trimester of pregnancy. And, finally, the effect of such drugs in general is not scientifically proven.

And what to do to the frightened future mother? On the one hand, the attack of influenza, with another - uncertainty. If you study the "Mom" forums, you can get even more confused. Some people say: I took it already in the first weeks of pregnancy and nothing (by the way, I myself treat those women who Aflubin during pregnancy took without fear, and fortunately, without "adventures"). Others do not see the point in accepting such a "useless" drug as Aflubin.

Personally, Aflubin appointed a doctor to whom I fully trusted. If you also trust your doctor, and most importantly - follow all his instructions, then problems should not arise.

We wish you good health and then you will not have to puzzle over the difficult task: to drink or not to drink?

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