After childbirth headache

After childbirth headache - the reasons and what to do or make?

About the causes of postpartum headache

First of all, it should be noted that such a state is the result of natural factors:

  1. bodies.
  2. A large burden on the cardiovascular system of a woman.
  3. Hormonal rearrangement, when in the body in childbirth estrogen begins to predominate, and not progesterone, then the active production of prolactin begins.
  4. Strain in the muscular system, right up to the cramps in the limbs.
  5. Using spinal anesthesia and caesarean section.
  6. General exhaustion, adaptation of the body to new conditions, experiences about the child.

Apart from the natural causes of the headache, there are also pathological. Among them:

  1. Vegetosovascular dystonia. In this case, the pain appears pulsating, first paroxysmal, then subsiding.
  2. Venous encephalopathy. In this case, the pain syndrome is a bursting.
  3. Cervical osteochondrosis. With such a pathology, a woman sometimes feels numb in the shoulder area, neck, heaviness in the occipital part of the head.
  4. Hormonal failure. In addition to severe pain, a woman often changes her mood, she cries, gets angry, sometimes she does not want to feed the baby. She can lose her hair, there is a sharp weight loss.
  5. Unbalanced nutrition. Having gained excess weight during pregnancy, many newly mummies try to throw it off sharply after the appearance of crumbs into the light. As a result, the body receives less vitamins, microelements. Anemia develops. Sometimes after giving birth, moms begin to get carried away with products with tyramine in the composition. This substance thickens the blood, raises blood pressure, which is manifested by dizziness, pain syndrome.

How to deal with the problem?

If headaches occur for the natural reasons above, then this is not a cause for concern and worry. There is no need for special medication. To prevent the occurrence of postpartum headaches, one must regulate the regime of the day, rest more, delegate economic powers to relatives, and husband. Do not constantly wear the baby in your arms. But you need to walk with your child all the time. The influx of oxygen, Fresh air beneficially affect the general condition and contribute to the recovery of the female body after childbirth. Tranquility, daytime sleep, morning contrast shower will help to avoid problems with the head.

It is also recommended that special gymnastics be performed. It consists of such exercises:

  1. Slowly stretching the entire body up, then sideways.
  2. Smooth bends and turns from the standing position.
  3. Raising hands overhead, rotating in a circle, joining them in front and back parallel to the floor.
  4. Easy push-ups on the hands from the floor.
  5. "The Boat". Lying on your stomach, lifting your head, arms and straight legs, gently rock.
  6. Squats with arms outstretched forward.

Relieve the condition with headaches helps to apply to the frontal part of cold compresses. You can use herbal ice for this - frozen cubes of mint, hops, marigold. They, incidentally, are excellent for morning cleansing and toning of the skin.

You can also take a warm bath. It restores vascular function, tones up and normalizes the nervous system.

Some women are well assisted by a massage of the temples with Vietnamese balm "Asterisk", the application of cold sheets of cabbage to the forehead. A good assistant lactating woman will be herbal tea. You can brew leaves of mint, lemon balm, chamomile, strawberry.

Sometimes, managing headaches after birth is helped by aromatherapy. Essential oils of lemon balm, lavender, It is recommended to use rosemary in such cases for the aroma lamp.

So, if the headache after childbirth does not go away within 2-3 weeks, then you need to consult a therapist, undergo a comprehensive medical examination, find out its cause and be treated.

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