Aggression during pregnancy

Aggression during pregnancy - the reasons for the appearance and what to do?

Irritability and aggression of pregnant women

Unfortunately, future mothers can not be isolated from the problems of the society in which they live. Half of women during pregnancy suffer stresses, death of close people, troubles at work, household troubles, family quarrels, and also a toxicosis. All this can not but affect the psyche, not to irritate, and often even cause aggression - an active form of expressing an emotion of anger.

Changes in the body and psyche of women during pregnancy

Aggression during pregnancy has its explanation, because pregnancy is a condition that requires the work of all organs and systems with maximum impact. This is a difficult period of physical and moral loads. Becomes more vulnerable immunity, so you need to constantly monitor your health.

As the future mothers adopt their new position, there are changes in the self-awareness and psyche of women, a different perception of their surrounding reality. There is increased demand, distrust of relatives. They subconsciously require special treatment of themselves, they try to manipulate others, become capricious, irritable.

Including the attitude to the father of the future child also changes. Women during this period are often disappointed in husbands. Most men, seeing such changes in the behavior of the wife, subconsciously avoid it, so as not to cause irritation.

Once without male support, the woman begins to doubt whether the husband will be a good father to her child, whether she will love him. There are fears that all the tests sent to her by pregnancy and motherhood, will have to carry one.

Third trimester of pregnancy

Especially difficult for a woman becomes the third trimester of pregnancy, when the appearance changes, and the occurring physiological changes

make impossible a full sex life, increasing the distance of communication with a man. In the same period there is also the so-called symptom of fear of childbirth. On the one hand, I want to quickly resolve safely, see the long-awaited child, and on the other hand - how to avoid the maternity hospital, because childbirth causes fear. Many women because of fear of childbirth, agree to the use of pain medication, without thinking about their impact on the child.

How to overcome difficulties?

Most of all problems and fears arise in women who are preparing to give birth for the first time. Pregnancy in itself is not the cause of aggression. Aggression during pregnancy occurs when a woman faces many problems, something does not satisfy her. . . And aggression depends on the nature, upbringing and fatigue. You need to control your behavior, often go out into the open air, listen to good music, go to the theater, to the museum, to exhibitions - this, by the way, will be useful for the future child. It would be nice to talk with mothers with many children - they will advise a lot.

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