Almagel during pregnancy

Almagel during pregnancy - instructions for use, reviews

During the gestation of a toddler, a woman often experiences new, unfamiliar sensations. Often with heartburn, it's the first time & bdquo; becoming acquainted & rdquo; , being pregnant. More often this problem worries expectant mothers in the second half of the term and delays discomfort. What is the cause of the problem? What to do to eliminate heartburn? And will the known Almagel help in the situation?

Causes of heartburn during pregnancy

It is generally believed that the presence of heartburn in a future mother is the appearance of hairs on the head of the fetus. But gastroenterologists have their own opinion about the causes of heartburn in pregnant women. The mechanism of heartburn is this: hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice after ingestion is thrown into the esophagus, which causes an unpleasant sensation.

There are two reasons for this face-off:

  1. Fetal growth, uterus enlargement, its upward movement presses on the stomach. Its volume decreases, and at the time of food intake, its part is thrown into the esophagus.
  2. During pregnancy, the level of progesterone rises, that weakens all muscles, including the pylorus of the stomach (sphincter). With normal sphincter tension, food does not come back from the stomach into the esophagus, and when the sphincter is relaxed, it becomes possible.

How to deal with heartburn during pregnancy

To avoid this unpleasant phenomenon, you need to eat more often, but in smaller portions so as not to create overflow in the stomach. After eating, never lie down, so as not to create a condition for the reverse entry of food from the stomach into the esophagus. Sit or walk around 20 minutes and thus you will reduce the deposition of digested calories. The exclusion from the diet of fried and fatty, acute and acidic foods will also serve as a prophylaxis of heartburn.

If it does, pregnant women should take medications, containing antacids and neutralizing hydrochloric acid. Almagel belongs to antacids.

He is assigned to future mothers and to ease heartburn, and to relieve toxemia. However, please note that taking Almagel should not take more than three days. One of the side effects of taking the drug is sometimes constipation. Therefore, do not abuse this medication.

Almagel is released in the form of a gel, which allows the drug to be evenly distributed throughout the stomach and prolong the duration of the action. Usually, relief of heartburn occurs five minutes after taking the medicine. Contraindications to its use in pregnant women are kidney diseases and sensitivity to the components of Almagel.

In general, the reviews of pregnant women about taking the drug are positive. Almagel has been tested not by one generation, and its reception really facilitates the state of expectant mothers. Its components in the blood do not fall, so it serves as a safe helper in the fight against heartburn with small doses of consumption. Medical research confirmed the effectiveness of Almagel.

Almagel during pregnancy: instruction

Each drug has its own recommendations for use. When pregnancy Almagel is ingested. Immediately before use, the vial of the gel should be shaken. Take a drug should be 1-2 teaspoons 30 minutes before eating, you can and before bed.

It should be borne in mind that for an effective exposure to the drug for an hour after its use can not drink. It is also recommended to lie down immediately after its reception, in order to increase the enveloping properties of Almagel.

An important point! During the use of this drug, women need to stop breastfeeding (if this happens). This is due to the fact that Almagel's influence on mother's milk and the child has not been studied enough.

So, Almagel will serve as an assistant to the future mother in eliminating heartburn. But you should appoint your doctor your doctor. He individually adjusts the dosage of the drug.

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