Almond oil from stretch marks during pregnancy

Almond oil from stretch marks during pregnancy - useful properties, recipes and reviews

Advantages of the product

Natural oils have a number of positive properties and are used in cosmetic medicine to moisten the skin,giving her elasticity, including rescue from stretch marks. A special place in this matter is given to almond oil, which is popular for more than a dozen years among pregnant women. Its chemical composition contains a lot of useful substances, such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins B, E, A, minerals and other components. Almond oil, used to eliminate stretch marks, effectively affects the skin of a pregnant woman at any time. Ecologically pure natural product is not dangerous for a woman and a fetus, is not toxic, does not cause an allergic reaction. The oil produced by the method of cold pressing of purified almond kernels has a number of positive effects when applied:

  • regenerative processes of the dermis are started, skin rejuvenation occurs;
  • deep cleansing of the skin with the enrichment of beneficial vitamins and minerals;
  • Stimulation of lympho- and blood flow;
  • increase the elasticity, elasticity of the skin with the prevention of stagnant processes;
  • restore the water-fat balance, moisturizing, softening.

Thanks to a number of advantages, almond oil is found in many medicines, lotions for the body. It is often used in massage procedures due to its soft structure and rapid absorption into the cells. This product has no significant odor, is useful not only to eliminate stretch marks on the body, but also helps to get rid of late pregnancy from the emerging nipples on the nipples, cracked skin in the heel area, promotes rapid healing of skin lesions. Also, almond oil helps to defeat varicose veins, which often worries pregnant women. It is well combined with other components and beneficial substances for a greater effect of action.

But you can use almond oil only on the advice of specialists, despite the fact that there is no side effect from its use. If the stretch marks are old, then it is difficult to eliminate them with one oil. In this case, only hardware methods of treatment will help, which you can use only after childbirth.

Useful recipes

Almond oil as a universal classical method is used to eliminate stretch marks alone and in combination with other beneficial natural remedies. We suggest using the most suitable recipes listed below:

  • To prevent stretch marks, you can prepare the following recipe: mix 10 teaspoons of butter with five drops of lavender and rub them into problem areas.
  • Enriched almond oil will help to get rid of striae. In a hundred milliliters of oil substance add a few drops of aromatic oil of mandarin or neroli. The resulting mixture should be heated and wiped with problem areas.
  • Disguise the existing stretches or prevent their appearance will help home lotion of almond oil with carrots. For cooking, you need a carrot (1 pc.), Water, almond oil. Carrots rubbed on a grater, filled with chilled boiled water. The mixture should be infused for 15 minutes, then it should be squeezed through cheesecloth, and add the almond oil to the desired consistency in the resulting juice. Wipe with this mixture areas on which stretch marks were formed.

The prepared preparation can be rubbed into the skin every day before going to bed. Keep it recommended closed in the refrigerator. Before applying oil during pregnancy, do not forget to consult a doctor for advice.

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