Amphetamine during pregnancy

How does the use of amphetamine affect pregnancy?

About the drug

Artificial temporary joy with terrible and long consequences - the so-called drugs are those who stopped using them. If we are talking about amphetamine, then this is a known potent stimulant of the central nervous system. It does not produce energy as food, but uses resources and uses the power that is present in the body. That is, the principle of its operation is based on the "theft" of a certain portion of energy and body health for short-term pleasure. Amphetamine is a synthetic analogue of the cocaine psychostimulator. It is a white or creamy powder that dissolves in water. Basically, amphetamine does not have a pronounced smell, but sometimes it smells weak acid.

Usually it is used, inhaling through the nose, orally, by smoking or injections. This drug can cause a spiritual uplift, cheerfulness, clarity of mind and a sense of fearlessness. All this soon passes and changes feelings of devastation and deep depression. The drug causes rapid addiction.

Influence of amphetamine on pregnancy

The use of this drug by a pregnant woman adversely affects the development of the fetus, and pregnancy itself can result in miscarriage. The effect of amphetamine on the body of a pregnant woman has been well studied. This change in the rhythm of heartbeats, increased blood pressure in the mother and, as a consequence, reduced blood flow to the placenta. The development of the embryo slows down. At best, a child can be born with a weight much lower than the accepted norm. Amphetamine can lead to miscarriage or the birth of a dead child. Pregnancy of such a mother is fraught with bleeding, because a drug can lead to detachment of the placenta.

In addition to the above, the use of a pregnant woman amphetamines is associated with a huge risk of development in the baby of such pathologies: small head size, problems with the eyes; defects in the upper sky and lips ("hare lip", "wolf mouth"), motor impairment, hand and foot defects, brain alterations, cardiac muscle pathology.

When injecting a drug, there is a huge risk of infection of a pregnant woman with hepatitis and HIV. They affect the health of the mother and child, because they are transmitted "vertically" from the mother to the fetus. And the use of amphetamine reduces the woman's appetite, which in turn leads to fetal atrophy.

When a drug is used by a woman during pregnancy, the future child may develop a breathing disorder in a dream at birth. This vice is the most common cause of death among children under the age of one year.

Breastfeeding and the drug

The presence of amphetamine in the mother's milk can affect the baby's sleep. The baby will be too irritable and nervous, with a reduced muscle tone. And the mother, who uses the drug, develops depression, exhaustion, mood swings.

Doctors conducted studies of children born to parents who used amphetamine. All babies are characterized by a lag in growth and development. Over time, these children have unhealthy psyche and learning difficulties, are aggressive and prone to child psychoses.

Psychological aspect

Do not make yourself an idol. This famous expression is the second biblical commandment. And drugs are the same false idols, addiction to which has serious consequences. A woman should remember that her sins are passed on to the child, that the birth of a disabled person or cripple is a payoff for drug addiction. But a small living organism should not suffer from the fact that his mother led a dissolute and sinful lifestyle. Each child is given by God and has the right to happiness. It is in the hands of the mother. Remember this, dear mothers!

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