Anaferon during pregnancy

Anaferon during pregnancy - instructions for use, contraindications and reviews

What is the purpose of Anaferon

Anaferon is an immunomodulator. That is, it modulates immunity: either it increases it when it is lowered, or decreases, if the figures suddenly go off scale - everything depends on the need. In other words, Anaferon normalizes the functioning of the immune system, and the patient's recovery also depends on this. After all, many diseases overpower us precisely because of a decrease in immunity, so that, in general, everything is interconnected.

Among the indications for the use of Anaferon are:

  • disruption of immunity;
  • prevention and treatment of influenza, ARI and ARVI;
  • complications of viral infections (and prevention of such complications);
  • bacterial infections (as part of complex therapy).

Anaferon eliminates the symptoms of influenza: rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, migraine, herpes, temperature, sore throat. Together with other drugs, accelerates recovery and prevents the development of complications, and also reduces the need for antipyretic, analgesic and other auxiliary drugs.

The effectiveness of Anaferon is not proven

It is interesting that until now scientists have not figured out how Anaferon is able to increase our immunity and whether it is capable of this in principle. This function is assigned to the antibodies that are part of the Anaferon, they are opposite to human interferon. By their nature, they must be proteins. However, proteins, getting into the gastrointestinal tract, start to be digested and, therefore, can not influence the immune system in any way, and therefore, have an antiviral effect.

Regarding the homeopathic composition, it is believed that it also does not have any curative effect.

However, this "useless" drug is successfully used to treat and prevent influenza and colds in children. But pregnancy appears in contraindications to Anaferon. So what's the deal?

How to be pregnant?

Neither during pregnancy, nor during lactation Anaferon can not be taken - it is said in the instruction. In practice, everything looks different: it is one of the doctors' favorite drugs, which is prescribed to pregnant women often enough as a preventive measure and treatment of viral diseases. But why do such disagreements arise?

The fact is that Anaferon has not been tested on pregnant women: neither for effectiveness, nor for safety, and so far no one knows how it can affect the fetus. Nevertheless, doctors consider it safe enough because of homeopathic origin. However, some of them advise to refrain from taking Anaferon during pregnancy, not least because it is an immunomodulator. And the immunity of a pregnant woman is reduced automatically - so conceived by nature. This is a natural and even necessary process, and interference in its course can lead to undesirable consequences.

Also, be careful if you are prone to allergies. It is not often, however, it happens that Anaferon causes side reactions in the form of allergic manifestations. And during pregnancy, sensitivity to many components of medicines often increases.

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