Anal sex during pregnancy

Can pregnant women have anal sex?

Discussions around anal sex in general are constantly, though not publicly. The very way (or rather the kind of sex) is old as the world. But they never spoke about it aloud.

Today in the courtyard of the 21st century - a favorite phrase of many modern people. And anal sex is no longer perceived as something wild, shameful and low. But, of course, not all. Many girls and women (I'm sure that there are fewer such men among the male population) do not accept the idea in principle. So, dear ladies, if you are disgusted with the very idea of ??anal sex, then, undoubtedly, it is contraindicated to you, especially now. And read the article just does not make sense. But if you practiced the AU before or finally decided to try it, it is only natural that you are concerned about this issue. After all, now first of all you should think about your child, not about your husband or your own pleasure.

However, if there are no contraindications, is it worth it to limit ourselves? So, how is it with this piquant question at a time when a new life arises within you and develops?

All doctors are unanimous in that sex is very useful during pregnancy, if it brings pleasure to both partners. The act itself brings together and unites the future parents even more, and pleasant feelings have a positive effect on the child. But there is one very important caveat: if there are no contraindications. However, gynecologists at the time of admission do not specify, whether their instructions refer to sex in general or only the classical vaginal. And that's why: anal sex is forbidden throughout the pregnancy, regardless of the state of the future mother, because at times increases the risk of miscarriage, they say. And the point here is not in aesthetics: in anal intercourse, the uterus is affected even more than with vaginal.

That is, if you have not been tabooed on sex during the period of gestation, at your service is oral and vaginal. If the future mother shows sexual rest, then all that can lead to orgasm, that is, cause contractions of the uterus, should be avoided.

It is also known that any pain sensations are contraindicated to the expectant mother, and anal sex is associated with pain even at the initial stage. However, the testimonies indicate that this is not always the case and not all - it is possible.

There are other reasons why expectant mothers are advised to refrain from anal caresses: this can serve as a predisposing factor to the development of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, especially if there is a tendency to these diseases. And in any case, the blood vessels are now enlarged, so the risk of injury and bleeding increases significantly, and this is dangerous.

Equally important is the hygienic aspect: the rectum is not sterile, and during the sexual intercourse the partner can quite touch the sexual member of the vagina after its introduction into the anus. This, of course, should always be avoided, regardless of whether you are pregnant or not, but now the risk of infection and infection in the vagina increases significantly.

However, ardent fans of anal sex do not deny themselves this pleasure even during pregnancy. And that's what they are talking about. Pleasant sensations during this period are amplified several times, and women experience such a strong and powerful orgasm, which was never in life before. By the way, sexologists say that the rectum is a very active erogenous zone. And during pregnancy, the sensitivity of nerve endings is significantly increased. In addition, tissues become much more elastic, which minimizes (and often even to zero) painful sensations.

There is evidence that anal sex can deliver a much greater pleasure than vaginal and even oral. And if we combine all caresses in one act, then the sensations will exceed all expectations.

You can also find information that anal sex not only does not cause hemorrhoids (the danger of which during pregnancy is already increasing), but also serves as its excellent prophylaxis. It should be said that many women who practice anal sex before and during pregnancy claim that they have never experienced any problems with hemorrhoids.

In general, the question is very ambiguous and one hundred percent individual. Perhaps you can agree that if you do not have contraindications to sex during pregnancy, if anal stimulation brings you undeniable pleasure, and pain sensations are minimal or absent, and if you do everything right, you can sometimes pamper yourself.

Sure, every woman decides for herself. However, if your choice is in favor of anal sex during pregnancy, then be sure to stick to hygiene, use specially designed lubricants, and be as accurate and attentive to your body as possible. The latter is more likely to concern men, because quite often it is on their initiative or requests that a woman decides to do so. Ask the man to be extremely cautious, sensitive, unhurried, consistent. Learn how to properly engage in anal sex, and even if both partners like an active fast AU, now it's better to be careful.

Love and take care of each other and be happy! Let your pregnancy be safe!

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