Analgin at pregnancy

Analgin during pregnancy - instructions for use, contraindications and reviews

How does Analgin work?

Analgin is the main drug from a group of non-narcotic analgesics, that is, those that eliminate pain without affecting our psyche. However, it also has an anti-inflammatory and antipyretic property. The first is so insignificant that Analgin is not used for these purposes. And the second finds its successful application in practice. That is, with increased temperature or pain (regardless of the place of localization: tooth, leg, stomach, ear, head) Analgin helps. It should be said that it helps quite quickly, because it dissolves well in water, although not for very long, that is, completely pain can not be eliminated.

As you can see, Analgin is a symptomatic remedy. That is, he does not heal anything, but only eliminates the manifestation of specific symptoms, in this case - pain and fever.

What is the danger of Analgin?

Muffling Pain Analagin - in the root of the wrong action. Because the cause of pain or temperature should be clarified and eliminated. Removing the symptom and not carrying out treatment is never an option. It's quite another thing, when you have a toothache in the middle of the night, to the dentist, naturally, before the morning you will not go, and even sleep a couple of hours I would like, then taking an analgesic can be justified as a temporary measure. But first carefully read the instructions.

First, Analgin has contraindications, and they must be taken into account. So, you can not take Analgin for any diseases of the hematopoietic system, bronchiolospasm, as well as for violations of kidney and liver. There are other contraindications. In no case should analgin be given to children under 3 months unless prescribed by a doctor.

Be prepared for the fact that side effects may arise: from the onset of rash to the development of anaphylactic shock. Doctors say that this happens rarely and only with prolonged use. But everything happens, including individual intolerance. Besides, Analgin is able to depress the hematopoietic system, which is not desirable in all cases, and especially during pregnancy.

Analgin and pregnancy

Of course, during pregnancy, all the risks increase and taking any medicine is undesirable, and as for Analgin, it is highly recommended. It is believed that a prolonged intake during pregnancy can cause violations of the formation of the cardiovascular system in the fetus. However, the World Health Organization does not recommend taking Analgin to anyone!

The whole trick is that it is impossible to determine whether Analgin's intake during pregnancy affects the development and growth of the fetus.

Recent evidence suggests that, that even a single dose of Analgin imposes a negative effect on the hematopoietic system and is potentially dangerous for kidney function and for the development of anaphylactic shock. And when it comes to taking the drug pregnant woman, then the same risk is exposed and the fruit. It is known that Analgin penetrates the placenta, so all the risks associated with its use, affect both mother and child.

The most dangerous is the reception of Analgin in the first trimester and in the last 6 weeks of pregnancy. In general, in the annotation to the drug among contraindications to use, pregnancy and lactation period are indicated.

This is important

People's love for Analgin seems to be absolutely justified: it costs a penny, is released without a prescription, acts quickly and without fail, always in the pharmacy, and in the home including. But folk folly, at times, is very unjustified. After all, Analgin can only reduce mild pain. For example, for anesthesia after severe burns, after surgery or serious trauma, it is not used, because for this it is clearly weak. That is, Analgin acts only on a weak and not very strong pain, which can be tolerated. He does not heal anything, as we have already said. So, the sense of taking Analgin is extremely rare, because if pain can be tolerated, and the illness needs treatment, then it is necessary to tolerate and treat. Once again, in most cases.

It is necessary to know that with pain in the abdomen Analgin can be unsafe. Therefore, if the cause of this pain is unknown, you can not take these tablets.

Just in case, that if Analginum is injected intramuscularly (intravenously you hardly will prick it to itself), certainly it is necessary to take a long needle, therefore, getting under the skin, it causes irritation of tissues.

It is not superfluous to know that in a company with many other substances, Analgin acts more efficiently, because they mutually reinforce each other's action. However, if in the pharmacy you are "vparivayut" very effective painkiller, in a beautiful box and at the same price, and on it somewhere on the side or bottom of the small letters written metamizole sodium or metamizole natricum - this is the most ordinary penny Analgin in expensive clothes. There is no point in spending on packaging and other names, of which there may be hundreds (Toralgin, Nebalgin, Novalgin, Ivalgin, Novapirin, Nobolon, Pirizan, вютрыушэ, Фшях№юэ and others).

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