Analyzes in the maternity home

Analyzes in the hospital. What tests are taken in the hospital?

Practice shows that before giving birth in the hospital, not all tests are taken. Before an important event, which will soon occur, it is necessary to conduct research only on the category of women who have had health problems or with bearing during the entire pregnancy. Perhaps something went wrong with the onset of the generic process. Answering the question why this is needed, we can say that the choice of the method of delivery depends on knowing the state of the mother and baby, and the willingness of the medical staff to react quickly and skillfully to the occurrence of possible complications. It is the results of the latest analyzes that help to predict the events of the near future.

The simplest analyzes include general blood and urine tests. Blood is given for determining the level of hemoglobin, erythrocytes, leukocytes, reticulocytes, platelets, and also ESR. A blood test for clotting will allow doctors to determine the risk of bleeding in labor. Moreover, with the help of a blood test, you can determine whether the inflammatory process or any other disorders occur in the body of a pregnant woman. No less informative and urine analysis.

Perhaps, from the genitals, women will take a smear to determine if there are any exacerbations of various diseases at the moment. It's about vaginal candidiasis, herpes and other STDs. It happens that these diseases are diagnosed for the first time just before the birth, when there is no time for treatment. Then, based on the results of the tests, doctors can decide to perform a cesarean section. Sometimes, about urgent.

Before the birth, directly in the hospital, the doctor can take for analysis amniotic fluid. Recall, the so-called water, in which the baby swims for 9 months. The state of water depends on his health and well-being. Of course, from time to time the water is updated, but it does not happen so quickly, therefore, if there is very little left before delivery, nothing will change for the better. If it turns out that the waters are cloudy, the doctor will be able to make a decision about an emergency artificial stimulation of the birth process or cesarean.

However, you need not worry, going to the hospital. If you have chosen a clinic or maternity hospital, the doctors you trust will be calm: they will do everything right. You tune into a positive mood and enjoy the thought that very soon you will become MUM. We wish you a light birth!

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