Anaprilin during pregnancy

Anaprilin during pregnancy - instructions for use, feedback

Briefly about the preparation and mechanism of action

This medicine is included in the top five of those drugs that are most often used for vegeto-vascular dystonia. Usually people use Anaprilin for panic attacks, fear, because the drug is inexpensive, quickly helps to remove anxiety, reduces the pulse and lowers blood pressure. However, Anaprilin is not so harmless.

Its active ingredient is propranolol. Anaprilin belongs to the group of beta-blockers, that is, it blocks the work of beta-adrenoreceptors in different organs. These receptors are located in the connections of nerve fibers with organs. They react with excitement to adrenaline - a hormone of fear. Excitation itself leads to an increase in the production of this hormone. A large amount of adrenaline in the blood contributes to attacks of panic attacks. Simply put, when there is fear and adrenaline is a chain reaction. And the drug Anaprilin makes beta-adrenergic receptors insensitive to adrenaline, blocks them. Then it turns out that after the excitement and fear adrenaline in the body a lot, and act on the person he can not, because Anaprilin closed all the organs for him. It is this action of the drug that calms, relieves a panic attack.

Anaprilin, nevertheless, is not a sedative and a psychotropic medicine. With vegeto-vascular dystonia you need to quickly neutralize the effect of adrenaline on the body. Anaprilin is quickly absorbed into the body, its effect begins in 3-5 minutes, if it is put under the tongue. It reaches its maximum effect in an hour and a half after receiving. The drug lasts up to 5 hours. Anaprilin is sold in the form of tablets of 10 and 40 mg.

The main effect of the drug - lowering the heart rate, reducing the conductivity of nerve impulses, lowering blood pressure, reducing the need for the heart in oxygen.

Side effects of Anaprilin and contraindications

Anaprilin has a number of side effects. The drug reduces blood sugar, increases the contractile properties of the muscles of the uterus, strengthens the motility of the gastrointestinal organs, provokes spasm of peripheral vessels, reduces the rate of response reactions.

Anaprilin has contraindications. This bradycardia and reduced intracardiac conduction, hypotension and heart failure. In heart diseases Anaprilin can cause even pulmonary edema. You can not use this medicine for bronchial asthma and diabetes, because there is a risk of hypoglycemic coma. It is strictly forbidden to take Anaprilin during work that requires special attention. For example, when driving public transport.

Anaprilin during pregnancy: instruction

Anaprilin drug for pregnant women should be used only as prescribed by the doctor and under his personal control. Future mothers need to be understood, that propranolol - the active substance of the drug - causes intrauterine hypoxia of the fetus. The medicine reduces pressure and slows the heart rate. This affects the fetus negatively. But with a pronounced syndrome of hypertension, there is a high risk of developing brain damage in a pregnant woman. That is why always with the reception of Anaprilina on one side of the scales are the health of the future mother and the health of her child. This is the risk of using the drug for pregnant women. You can not take Anaprilin and breastfeeding baby.

So, Anaprilin during pregnancy is a risk for the child. Therefore, there are no independent prescriptions for this drug.

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