Anembrionia - causes, symptoms and treatment

What is this problem, what are its causes and can there be consequences? Let's try to understand.


The diagnosis of anembrionia is associated with shock, nervous breakdowns. As a rule, women in the current situation begin to think that this is the end of all plans to become a mother. But this is far from the case.

Anembrionia is a frozen pregnancy. Similar phenomena occur in connection with the absence of an embryo in the fetal egg or the cessation of its development. Such diagnoses according to statistics put 15% of pregnant women.

According to doctors, A frozen pregnancy happens at its initial time. The process of cell division is completed for some of them by becoming an embryo. Other cells begin to produce the placenta and fetal membrane. Sometimes it happens that the cells that were supposed to turn into fruit, stop sharing. The result is a situation where a fetal egg grows in size, but remains empty. The woman feels in this case all the signs of pregnancy, not suspecting about the abnormal situation. After all, pregnancy hormones are still being produced. In such cases, a miscarriage occurs very often - a self-abortion.

A woman discovers spotting, feels pain. After applying to a gynecologist, the final "cleansing" is possible.


What provokes and accompanies such an unpleasant and difficult outcome of pregnancy? An unequivocal answer will not be given by any doctor, because in each individual case his reasons are.

It is possible that toxic substances disrupt the activity of the entire body of a woman, exerting an unbearable burden on the embryo. Hardly having begun the development, and not cope with such difficulty, he perishes. Recall that such substances appear in the body of a future mother with alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

The cause of anembriosis is the use of antibiotics for the treatment of acute bacterial infection. Do not forget about the influence of radiation as an unfavorable factor of the environment.

The most common cause of frozen pregnancy doctors call hormonal failures, genetic disorders. The fetus is negatively affected by the wrong set of chromosomes.

Anembrion is often caused by embryonic lesions with viral, bacterial infections, inflammatory processes.


The diagnosis of "anembrion" is made by the doctor after the ultrasound. But one study for the finality of the diagnosis is not enough. After all, there are times when a woman with a poor sensitivity or an unqualified doctor enters a confusion. To avoid such situations, you do not need to rush to conclusions and decide to terminate the pregnancy. A good specialist in case of suspicion anembryony after the first ultrasound should suggest a short time to undergo a survey again. Yes, it will be exhausting and difficult psychologically. But all the same will give the chance to be convinced of accuracy of the diagnosis or to deny anembryony.

If the diagnosis is confirmed, the woman is offered 2 ways out of the situation. The first is the removal of the fetal egg, cleaning. The second is medical abortion.

And about prospects

Doctors state: 20% of women face the problem of anembrion. They say that there is no thin without good. After all, nature itself takes care of healthy heirs, tearing off diseased and unviable embryos.

Many women are worried about the recurrence of such a pregnancy, that is, the repeated possibility of fetal fading. The facts show: 90% of patients who had anembrionia in the past, in the subsequent pregnancies safely nurse and give birth to healthy babies.

And at the same time, once faced with anembrion, one must approach the conception more cautiously and systematically. So, the break should be at least six months, so that the woman's body is fully restored and strengthened. The doctor prescribes vitamin complexes or other drugs. They will help restore the uterine mucosa for subsequent pregnancy.

And most importantly: believe that everything will be all right!

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