Anesthesia during childbirth

Types of anesthesia during childbirth - pluses and minuses

What types of anesthesia is used during childbirth?

  1. General anesthesia with medicines helps to eliminate the pain sensitivity of all parts of the body, and also affects (as a rule, negative) the consciousness and psychological state of the woman in labor.
  2. General anesthesia, which will provide general anesthesia with artificial ventilation. This method provides a lasting effect, but it is used either for caesarean section or in emergency cases. The mother in this case is unconscious.
  3. Masque anesthesia is one of the forms of anesthesia, where an anesthetic is injected through the mask. Typically, the mask is used during the first period of labor, when the cervix is ??opened and the pain threshold is highest. This anesthesia is used in the event that, when there is no need to completely turn off the maternity consciousness, but anesthesia is required.
  4. Local anesthesia relieves pain on certain parts of the body. As a rule, for local anesthesia, a prick with an analgesic is used.
  5. Epidural anesthesia also refers to the local anesthetic method, where the anesthetic is injected into the space above the hard shell of the spinal cord. After the injection, the lower part of the body becomes insensitive, but the mother is in full consciousness and can talk.
  6. Local anesthesia is used after delivery for pain relief during soft tissue suturing. Anesthetic in this case is injected directly into that part of the body that requires intervention.
  7. Intravenous anesthesia is used to perform short-term operations in the process of childbirth: the allocation of a delayed part of the placenta, a section of the perineum, suturing. This anesthesia works only 10-20 minutes, during which the woman in childbirth sleeps.
  8. Intramuscular and intravenous use of narcotic analgesics. These drugs provide a reduction in pain during labor and allow you to completely relax in the intervals between contractions.

When is anesthesia needed during childbirth?

Medical anesthesia, as a rule, is necessary in such cases:

  • the contractions are very painful, the mother is behaving restlessly;
  • a woman has a very large fetus;
  • premature delivery;
  • cesarean section;
  • long-term delivery;
  • Multiple fetuses;
  • acid fetal insufficiency.

Alternative methods of anesthesia during childbirth

Alternative methods of anesthesia during labor include measures that can reduce pain without resorting to pain medication. These include: massage, rational breathing, the choice of a correct and comfortable posture during childbirth, etc. All these methods of anesthesia do not require the intervention of a doctor and are noted as a very effective form of anesthesia for labor, without complications. Well, if something suddenly goes wrong, your doctor will immediately decide on this or that method of medical anesthesia.

In conclusion, we note that to date, ways to eliminate or muffle the pain during delivery is quite a lot. So do not be scared and worried about this. Tune in for a positive, look forward to waiting moments with your "happiness" and be healthy!

Easy for you to deliver!

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