Angiovitis in the planning of pregnancy

Angiovitis in the planning of pregnancy - instructions for use, contraindications and reviews

In spite of the fact, that Angiovitis is not some kind of "risky" drug, it should always be used on the recommendation and according to the doctor's testimony. In obstetric and gynecological practice, angiovitis is usually prescribed in pregnancy planning in order to prevent the deficiency of B vitamins, in the first place, those contained in the drug. Doctors warn: the lack of these vitamins in pregnancy can lead to extremely negative consequences - the development of heart defects and physical pathologies in the fetus.

Also, as a result of the constant deficiency of B vitamins, a woman runs the risk of finding an anemia. For the fetus, this state of the future mother is dangerous by underdevelopment and weakness of life. And in general, the lack of B vitamins in the body of a pregnant woman causes the appearance of a baby, which in the future may lag behind in both physical and mental, mental development.

The prerequisite for the appointment of the drug Angiovitis during pregnancy is the risk of developing a woman during gestation baby hyperhomocysteinemia. This condition occurs in connection with an increase in the level of homocysteine ??in the blood of a woman. The substance has the ability to pass through the placenta, disrupt the normal fetoplacental blood circulation. Passing through the placenta, homocysteine ??has an extremely negative effect on the fetus - toxic and teratogenic. And, first of all, the nervous system of the baby suffers.

Apparently, hyperhomocysteinemia is fraught with many dangers for pregnancy and for the normal development of the fetus. Moreover, thrombus formation, which occurs as a result of an elevated level of homocysteine ??in the blood, contributes not only to the development of pregnancy pathologies and obstetric complications. In the future, homocysteinemia can make itself felt by chronic miscarriage - only because of the lack of timely prevention of vitamin B deficiency, folic acid.

Of particular relevance is the issue of appropriate prevention among women, who are classified as an increased risk group. Such doctors call women planning pregnancy and who have had obstetric complications in the past; if among relatives of the future mother there were cases of heart attack, stroke, thrombosis, which developed up to 50 years.

Angiovitis in pregnancy, if there is a corresponding indication of a doctor, can be used with a calm heart and conscience. It will have a beneficial effect on the organism of the future mother, will reduce the risk of developing any complications during pregnancy and the risks of birth of a baby with abnormalities, replenish the stores of folic acid in the body of a woman. Moreover, folic acid itself is necessary for admission, both at the stage of pregnancy planning, and the first few months after its onset.

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