Anti-cellulite cream during pregnancy

Can I use anti-cellulite creams during pregnancy?

In the body of a pregnant woman, substances accumulate, necessary for fetal development. Together with this, the body weight sharply increases, water-salt metabolism is disrupted, stagnation of blood and fluid in the tissues. The skin on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen, while greatly stretching, not having time to save the structure. In the stretch marks, cellulite tubercles ("orange peels") are formed, causing many worries to women, although they do not represent danger for health.

How to deal with cellulite in pregnant women?

Future moms need and need to fight cellulite, but this should be safe for the future child. Not all anti-cellulite drugs are acceptable during this period. Pregnant women can not use essential oils, wrapping, hydromassage. You can not use ordinary anti-cellulite creams. There is an opinion that when fat cells are destroyed, Many harmful elements enter the bloodstream. The maintenance in a cream, for example, retinol can lead to an anomaly of development of a fruit. Is it worth the risk?

Is the use of anti-cellulite cream justified during pregnancy?

Anti-cellulite cream is not a panacea and will not solve all the problems. Even the most effective cream should be used for at least three months. Especially for pregnant women there are no creams, but if necessary, you can use the products of some brands that will help preserve the structure of the skin, but before that you must always consult a doctor, because only a specialist can say whether to apply this cream, gel or lotion.

Before applying the cream, you need to do an allergy test (apply only in the thigh and buttock area).

After applying the cream, you need a massage (5-10 minutes).

Preparation of anti-cellulite cream at home

Cream of cellulite can be prepared by yourself. To do this, you need essential oil of pine, orange or rosemary (2-3 drops), olive oil - 10 ml and 2 - 3 teaspoons of any body cream.

This proportion is enough for one time.

You can use creams and anti-stretch marks with vitamin E.

The opinion of doctors and cosmetologists about the use of anti-cellulite cream during pregnancy is not unambiguous. Many experts believe that using anti-cellulite drugs during this period is not as harmful as it is useless. When carrying a fetus in the body of a woman, the fat "in reserve" is actively deposited, treatment of cellulite within 9 months will be preventive in nature. Is not it better to deal with this problem after childbirth?

How to avoid cellulite?

The time of pregnancy is a great time in the fate of every woman. And every woman after the birth of a child, if desired, can return to its former form. And that during pregnancy, the skin is less affected by stretch marks, so that less fat accumulates under the skin, it is necessary to properly organize food. Refuse all fried, floury, fatty, and more to eat fruits, vegetables, dairy products, boiled fish and meat.

It is not recommended for pregnant women to wear shoes with heels - this leads not only to cellulite, but also to varicose enlargement. Shoes should be light, comfortable, free.

More attention should be given to physical exercises and outdoor exercise.

And most importantly - remember that there is no one more beautiful than a pregnant woman!

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