Arbidol during pregnancy

Arbidol during pregnancy - instructions for use, contraindications and reviews

With this question, no doubt, you need to see a doctor. Only he should prescribe you treatment and monitor the course of the illness during pregnancy. However, the problem is that doctors are different, and each has his own different opinion on the permissible treatment.

Many doctors believe that for prevention and treatment of influenza in pregnant women is excellent Arbidol. But there is another category of doctors who are confident that, like Anaferon and other similar drugs, this drug is contraindicated in pregnancy. How are things really in fact?

But in fact Arbidol is considered a new drug, which has not been fully studied. The experience of using in animals shows that it has no pathological effect on the fetus. However, similar studies with the human embryo were not carried out. So it is impossible to make unequivocal grounded conclusions. Properly, even the effect of the drug on different age groups has not been investigated. Therefore, in the instructions to the drug appears, that "the use of Arbidol in pregnancy is possible only in cases where the intended benefit to the mother exceeds the potential risk to the fetus and the newborn." And given that it is primarily a preventive tool, and it helps before, or at least at the very beginning of the illness, it is likely that it is at least senseless to take it painful already. Arbidol is an antiviral and immunostimulating agent. However, immunologists claim that it does not increase immunity, but treats pathologies in which this immunity is reduced.

It is interesting that antiviral devices (to which, in theory, Arbidol also refers) are not listed in category A, which means their insecurity and inadmissibility of use during pregnancy. It is known that Arbidol acts on the body at the cellular level, and this makes one think about the possible effects on the fetus.

One thing can be stated with certainty: do not take Arbidol without an appointment, even outside of pregnancy, because it is a serious medication, not vitamins. Especially try not to take anything at least in the first three months of pregnancy. And to protect yourself from unsafe chemistry, take care of effective prevention of viral and colds during pregnancy by more gentle methods.

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