Asthenoteratozoospermia and conception - causes, treatment

Asthenoteratozoospermia and its causes

Let's start with the fact that asthenoteratozoospermia is a term that describes the sperm state, in particular, a decrease in sperm motility and a decrease in the number of normal spermatozoa. For the sake of fairness, we note that both these impairments of sperm quality are quite common, since the mobility of spermatozoa directly depends on their structure. In people, this disease is called "immobile or dead sperm". Naturally, with the acute form of asthenoteratozoospermia, the probability of conceiving a child is almost zero.

A decrease in sperm motility by more than 50% is considered an indicator of asthenozoospermia. About teratozoospermia is said when the number of normal spermatozoa becomes less than 30%.

As for the reasons for this disease, there are many, so it's almost impossible to establish the exact cause.

The fact is that asthenoteratozoospermia can be observed in such cases:

  • inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system: infections, prostatitis, testicular inflammation;
  • scrotum injuries, compression of the genitals when wearing tight lingerie, riding a bicycle;
  • overheating of the testicles due to too frequent visits to the sauna or sauna;
  • transferred infectious diseases (mumps, streptococcal infections);
  • eating or digestive disorders that lead to a lack of vitamins and amino acids;
  • endocrine diseases and pathology of metabolism.

Very often, even with the exclusion of one disease, the spermogram parameters improve significantly. Well, in order to determine the root cause of this disease, it is necessary to undergo a complete examination, which also includes ultrasound of the scrotal organs and analysis for hormones.

Treatment of asthenoteratozoospermia and the probability of conceiving a child

Important! Treatment of asthenoteratozoospermia - in most cases successfully, so you can not panic and despair for a given diagnosis. Treatment is usually carried out in two stages: at the first, all harmful factors are eliminated and the concomitant diseases are treated, after which they offer to conceive the child by the ECO-ICSI method.

In many cases, at the first stage of treatment of asthenoteratozoospermia, after taking medications that stimulate spermatogenesis, the child conceives successfully. Well, if drugs combine with multivitamin complexes, which are necessary for the maturation of spermatozoa, the chances of successful conception are even greater.

However, if the first stage of treatment of asthenoteratozoospermia concealed the baby was not possible - despair is not necessary. In most cases, the main method, which will help to achieve the onset of pregnancy in this disease is the method of ECO-ICSI. This method involves the extraction of viable spermatozoa and artificial insemination of the egg, which is then inserted into the uterus.

Note that very rarely there are cases when asthenoteratozoospermia passes in such a way that it is not possible to isolate the right amount of normal spermatozoa.

In conclusion, we note that the result of treatment astenoteratozoospermia directly depends on your belief in the success and professionalism of the doctor. Therefore, first of all, find a good doctor, be examined and go through the necessary treatment. And never doubt that you will become a parent. Those who dream about it - they necessarily become, sooner or later! Believe in yourself!

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