At what age is better to give birth

At what age is it better to give birth to the first child?

For fairness, we note that the probability of getting pregnant on the day of ovulation is significantly higher than on other days of the menstrual cycle. However, the fact that conception does not always occur in this seemingly favorable period can not be denied either. What influences the probability of conception during the period of ovulation and why it can decrease?

To begin with, ovulation does not happen in every menstrual cycle - that's nature. And in order to accurately calculate this cherished day, it is necessary to perform a number of procedures: to make an ovulation test, to measure the basal temperature, etc. Only after all confirmed tests can you seriously think about fertilization. However, it is not uncommon for cases when, it would seem, all the symptoms of ovulation are "on face", and conception did not occur. What's the matter?

In fact, there are a lot of reasons. One of them is an inadequate concentration of motile spermatozoa. Perhaps your partner's spermatozoa are not too "live" and mobile, and it can only be determined by a spermogram. And if there really is a reason in a man, then you have to go to the andrologist who treats male infertility.

As for the female body, it is increasingly difficult and the reasons for which conception on the day of ovulation does not occur, much more than men. The most common cause is obstruction of the fallopian tubes - a disease that is very common in women and is a consequence of various sexual infections. Fortunately, this disease is treated, but you will have to have patience.

Sometimes conception on the day of ovulation does not occur because of the fact that in the female body antibodies are being developed, aimed at combating foreign organisms - with spermatozoa. This condition is also treated with special medications, as a result of which conception becomes possible.

Often phenomena, which hinder conception, become pathologies of the uterus body. If a woman is diagnosed with uterine fibroids, cysts or other malignancies, then this can place the already fertilized egg in the uterine wall. Naturally, all these pathologies are also successfully treated.

What else can be done to increase the chances of conception during ovulation?

  1. There is an opinion that if you make a "break" for a week before the day of ovulation and do not make love during this period, then the chances of getting pregnant significantly increase.
  2. When sexual intercourse, a woman is not recommended to use petroleum jelly, lubricants - this can prevent the sperm from moving to its goal.
  3. If a woman has thrush or other untreated sexual infections, it's too early to think about conception. For the beginning it is necessary to be treated.

In conclusion, I would like to note that even in fully healthy women, ovulation occurs in 8 of 10 cycles. Therefore, if you do not become pregnant within six months or a year, then there is no reason for panic. Do not despair and believe that everything must turn out.

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