At what time do third births usually give birth

At what time do third births usually give birth?

And again fears

Whatever the woman's account for pregnancy, she always worries for the child, which develops in the womb. And although, having two children, the woman is already experienced enough, practice shows that she is again worried. Even in spite of knowing what and how it should be during pregnancy and during labor, fear often settles in her soul. Thoughts about the forthcoming births cause anxiety no less than the first time.

If a woman's pregnancy proceeds without pathologies, then most of all she is concerned about future birth pain. Yes, most mothers say that birth pain is quickly forgotten when you look at a newborn baby. And yet the closer to the end of the third trimester, the more panic increases.

From a physical point of view, the body of a woman when carrying a third child is already a "professional", trained and knowledgeable. After all, the muscles of the pelvis are stretched, the birth canal is prepared for the expulsion of the fetus. All this applies to those third births that take place with a slight break between the previous ones and the second. But if the break between them is 10 years or more, the age of the pregnant woman is 35 years or more, then the trained female body can not be named.

So, what is the risk and peculiarity of the third birth after a short break between the second? Doctors speak of an increased risk of bleeding due to the fact that the muscles of a woman are already less elastic than in the first birth. They also contract more slowly, which means they lose the ability to stop bleeding.

Also in the third births, the placenta is often poorly separated, again, due to inelastic muscles. It is difficult for her to give birth to a child, and medical intervention may be necessary.

Another problem that is encountered is a decrease in the intensity of contractions, which provokes a decrease in the flow to the fetus of oxygen. Therefore, the woman in childbirth has to be stimulated with medicines.

As for the positive moments, among them one can note a good lactation. Milk in most cases comes quickly, it is enough for the baby to gain weight well.

About the precursors of the third birth and the timing

The symptoms of approaching third births in women may not be. Generic activity is sometimes very rapid. So, with the slightest change in your state of health, you need to drop everything and get to the maternity hospital as soon as possible.

Let's remind about traditional precursors. These are bloody discharge, indicative of the effluent; purgation, that is manifested by a digestive disorder; leaking amniotic fluid; the fading of the baby, which is preparing to actively advance into the light. Abdominal abscesses in re-relatives may not be. That is, the uterus, of course, falls down, but the woman simply does not notice and does not feel it.

As with previous pregnancies, the obstetrician-gynecologist determines the preliminary date of birth based on the last menstrual period. But, as practice shows, in most cases it does not coincide with the actual date. After all, the muscles of the uterus are not so strong, respectively, can not hold the fetus in the womb until the end of the prescribed period. That's why labor can begin 2 or 3 weeks earlier than predicted by gynecologists and ultrasound. In this regard, it is necessary to collect all the necessary things in advance, always carry an exchange card with you, mobile phone and be at any time ready for the fact that it will be necessary to go to the hospital.

Another feature of third births is that they are not as long as the first ones, which are delayed by 10-12 hours. A woman pregnant with a third child can give birth in a few hours. Contractions in her pass more intensively, faster. In the delivery room, the woman is working less, because the cervix has opened faster, and even the woman in childbirth clearly follows the doctor's instructions. The birth pain is replaced by the joy of the birth of another native person.

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