Autotraining during childbirth

Autotraining during childbirth
  • when the cervix is ??opened;
  • when the fruit is expelled from the uterus.

In these states, two things are considered:

  • contractions;
  • Pauses.

During the opening of the cervix, you need to establish control over your breathing. At the moment of contraction, breathing should be abdominal and deep. In painful battles, one must carry out a mental count, coordinated with breathing. The usual cycle of breathing (inhalation - exhalation - pause) lasts 5 seconds. The duration of the bout is 50 seconds. We take 5 seconds from 50 seconds and mentally say to ourselves: "There are 45 seconds left". After each breath, the time of the fight is reduced by 5 seconds. Such control over the duration of the contraction weakens the perception of pain. The same control should be behind the muscles of the uterus.

Knowing that muscle tension causes a waste of effort, you can remain in a state of relaxation at the moment of the fight. But this relaxation is not passive, but active, it is subject to your will. During this period, phrases of self-hypnosis are applied: "I am calm. Skirmish is the indicator of labor activity. Gradually, the fight will intensify. My breathing is smooth, deep. Muscles are relaxed. The battle is over. After that, there will be rest. "

Between the contractions, the woman applies relaxation techniques, starting with the muscles of the face and ending with the muscles of the legs. Autosuggestion in the period between contractions is realized by the mental repetition of the phrase: "I am calm. I control myself. My breathing is smooth, calm. The muscles of the face are relaxed. The muscles of the shoulders, forearms, hands are relaxed. All the muscles of my hands are warm and completely relaxed. The muscles of the perineum, buttocks are relaxed. The muscles of the thighs, the legs are completely relaxed. Between fights my body rests. My birth is proceeding safely. I am calm. I feel the child's movements well. The child's condition is good. I'm calm for him. "

During the exodus of the fetus, it is necessary to alternate the muscle tension at the moment of exertion and complete relaxation between attempts. At the moment of exertion, the sentences are mentally repeated: "Inhale. Strain the abdominal muscles. Smoothly increase pressure on the lower abdomen. Pressure is stronger and stronger. The child is moving further along the ancestral ways. Smooth exhalation. " For the time of one attempt, this is repeated three times.

The experience of such exercises showed, that pregnant women easily assimilate the recommended methods and themselves positively assess the results of the preparation in childbirth. The parturients engaged in autogenic training, perceive the duration of labor is much shorter than they continued in reality, since the onset of labor occurred without pain.

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