Bananas during pregnancy

Bananas in pregnancy - benefits, contraindications and risks of consumption

Benefits and harm of bananas

Dietitians have well studied the "pluses" and "minuses" of these exotic fruits. Since they are quite high in calories, they are not recommended for women who are prone to fatness or slimming. Rather, they are suitable for very active ladies who sometimes need energy support. These fruits contain vitamins and trace elements, thanks to their high fiber content, they are great for people with gastrointestinal problems.

Bananas help to remove excess fluid from the body. That's why they are recommended for people who suffer from swelling. The banana as a basis for a face mask has effectively proved itself.

As for the harm of bananas, they should not be given to children until the age of 3 years to avoid an allergic reaction. Bananas contain the enzyme chitinase in their composition. This substance often causes allergies. People who are sensitive to such enzymes are allergic to fruits.

You can not eat bananas and fat people, because their calories from 90 to 100 kilocalories. This is much compared, for example, with apples (43 kcal).

Benefits of bananas during pregnancy

Every day of a healthy diet is very important in anticipation of the baby. This term means daily consumption of fruits and vegetables, including bananas.

If you do not have an allergy to these exotic fruits during pregnancy, then you can eat bananas for breakfast, one more per day, consuming it as a snack or dessert. You can also prepare fruit salads with a banana as an ingredient. After all, there are many nutrients in it and there is the main female vitamin - B6 (pyrodoxine).

The central nervous system of the baby in the womb requires pyrodoxin as a vitamin of growth and development. He needs a child as a support for the biosynthesis of neurotransmitters and serotonin (a hormone of joy). Vitamin B6 is involved in the delivery of oxygen to the neural tissues of the baby with the help of hemoglobin.

The daily dose of this vitamin for expectant mothers is 1, 9 mg. In translation for pieces is 2, 5 bananas.

We should also mention an important microelement, such as potassium, which is a part of the fruit. A pregnant woman should receive 2,000 mg of potassium daily, and 800 mg in one banana. That is 2, 5 bananas just is the necessary norm of potassium, which is needed by a pregnant woman. This mineral reduces the intensity of leg cramps, relieves puffiness, which is very typical of future mothers.

Bananas from diarrhea

Women in the position often suffer from digestive disorders. This is due to a decrease in immunity, increased sensitivity to certain products. Often, morning sickness in women waiting for a child, accompanied by diarrhea. And then the use of bananas brings benefits and benefits. After all, fruits have sticky fibers, pectin, fiber, which absorb excess fluid in the body and effectively eliminate diarrhea.

Bananas and the sex of the child

Popular signs regarding pregnant women in our time are overgrown with new details and conclusions. So, it used to be believed that if a woman in the period of bearing a child is drawn to meat, then she wears a boy. If the pregnant woman shows interest in sweet, fruit, then she will have a girl.

American scientists have erected a famous myth in a scientifically based theory. They conducted a survey of 750 women with the first pregnancy and concluded that their consumption of foods rich in potassium, sodium and calcium is a high probability of the birth of a boy.

So, bananas during pregnancy are quite useful. And if the future mummy with the weight is all right, then it can eat up to 2 of these fruits daily, saturating the body with potassium and vitamin B6.

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