Bandage after caesarean section

Bandage after cesarean section - when to start wearing, indications and contraindications

Not all women experience comfort and relief when wearing an antenatal bandage, so not everyone, of course, sees it as a necessity. But much depends on the correctness of putting on and observing the rules of wearing. By the way, not everyone can even wear a bandage during pregnancy - for this there are a number of contraindications.

However, after the birth, the bandage wants to wear almost everything: he helps to quickly return to "stretched" belly in the norm, which is extremely important for each of us!

Is wearing a bandage different after a caesarean section? And whether there are any features in his choice, if the woman did not give birth herself.

Do I need a bandage after cesarean section?

Since the birth of the placenta, which actually completes the birth process, the female womb begins to shrink and decrease in size. There is an involution - a process of reverse development, in which the uterus quickly returns to previous pre-pregnancy rates, and in some cases becomes even slightly less than before pregnancy.

At the same time, the volume of the stomach decreases, because it is the uterus that grows several times and occupies a large space inside. The process of reduction is the more intense, the more breastfeeding occurs more actively. And after cesarean section, it is known that breast milk can come a little later, and the received dose of antibiotics will not have the best effect on its quality. In general, after the operation of labor, there are some difficulties in breastfeeding, which is very important to overcome correctly! In no case do not refuse breastfeeding - this is the best that you can now offer a tiny baby.

So, in the process of suckling the baby's breast, the size of the uterus and the stomach volume will gradually decrease. But this may not be enough to return to its previous form. First, not all of this process is equally successful, and secondly, the skin of the stomach and ligament during the months of pregnancy decently stretched, which is necessary to correct; thirdly, after cesarean abdominal muscles require significantly more time for recovery (due to loss of tonus).

Physical exercises for the abdomen after birth and cesarean section are contraindicated for a certain period, and then may be already late to change their "swam" forms. Therefore wearing a bandage after childbirth can be very useful: it will help restore the muscles of the abdomen with elasticity, meanwhile, having performed part of their work.

The corsage after caesarean section is all the more necessary because it prevents the discrepancy of the postoperative suture, keeping it in the fixed "pulled out" state, and therefore contributes to its faster healing. In addition, the bandage will protect the seam from accidental mechanical damage.

How to wear a bandage after a caesarean section?

In the recent past, while there was not such a wide variety of bandages widely available, women were "tied" with diapers and sheets. This method is still used in many maternity homes and families: my mother passes her daughter's experience.

The garter performs the same functions as the bandage, only the effect of it is less pronounced, as is the ease of use. It's not easy to tie yourself up pretty tight enough, as it should. Therefore, many women choose a modern analogue of the ancient device - a bandage.

Most pregnant women buy a combined bandage, which can be worn not only before, but also after childbirth. However, experts note: a band after Caesarean section must necessarily be special, postoperative. It is quite wide in front and protects the entire abdominal cavity. The degree of tightening can be adjusted with a Velcro fastener.

Not all of us follow such recommendations and many, in spite of everything, wear an ordinary universal bandage after cesarean (although they note that it is uncomfortable), but here, as they say, every woman is her own mistress. The recommendation of doctors is what to do with it - it's up to you.

Note also that it is extremely important to choose the right postpartum or postoperative bandage. The best thing you can do is ask your doctor for advice on this issue: he will tell you which band after the caesarean section is better and why, how to choose it correctly and how to wear it correctly.

In this matter the size is of great importance, since a large bandage will not have the desired effect, and a small one can even do much harm. Undoubtedly, it is better (and I would even say that it is necessary) if the inner part of the bandage, which should fit to the body (to the seam), will be made of natural fabric.

And before you buy and start wearing a bandage after cesarean section, consult a doctor about possible contraindications. So, the bandage after childbirth can not be worn with inflammation of the sutures, edema of the kidneys, certain diseases of the abdominal cavity organs, skin lesions.

It should be understood that wearing a postpartum bandage will not help you lose weight after birth and gain harmony. Here much depends on the physiological characteristics of the body and again - breastfeeding. While you are breastfeeding, forget about any diets! But to begin physical training will be very useful, as soon as this will be a favorable time.

Do not rush: you still have the whole life ahead! Be happy and beautiful!

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