Bandage after childbirth

Bandage after delivery - how correctly and how much to wear

Do I need a bandage after childbirth?

However, not everyone agrees with this statement. Unanimity on the feasibility and effectiveness of wearing a band before and after childbirth is not among doctors in different parts of the world. Some recommend and even appoint wearing a bandage to their wards, others do not see much sense in this, and some even think that it is harmful.

As for the postpartum bandage, there are some contraindications and limitations for wearing it:

  • some types of sutures after cesarean section;
  • Some kidney diseases (accompanied by swelling);
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • skin and allergic diseases.

In any of these cases, you need to consult your gynecologist regarding wearing a bandage. If there are no prohibitions for you, then at least try. It should be recognized that opinions on this issue have also been divided among women. Many of them say that the bandage after the birth brings pain and discomfort. But you should know, that to get the benefit of the bandage it must be properly selected and put on. Very many women managed to draw the belly saggy for pregnancy just a few days thanks to just one bandage. And in order not to be unfounded, I can confirm this on a personal example: I had a combined bandage tape, which I remained very pleased!

How to choose a postpartum bandage?

If you decide to wear a bandage after giving birth, then at first you will have to decide on the model. It can be ribbon, panties, Bermuda, grace, skirt - there is a significant difference between them, although the main function of all is the same: support the uterus, strengthen the abdominal muscles and tighten the abdomen. Grace has an additional corrective effect on the whole figure - the waist, hips, buttocks. Bandage panties are good after cesarean section, because they fix the seams. And after natural births it is best to choose in favor of the tape: it is very simple and convenient to use, besides panties and grace tightly cover the crotch, and now it is best that the air is ventilated here unimpeded. The creation of a greenhouse effect in the vagina is fraught with postpartum complications and in principle is not aesthetically pleasing.

Regarding sizes, they are equivalent to the size of underwear, even if it's a belt or belt (S, L, M). But if during pregnancy you have gained above the permissible norm, it is better to take a bandage for a size larger. Do not hesitate to try on different models when buying. Ask the consultant to show how to properly put on this or that model. So, panties after caesarean are recommended to put on lying down, but the belt is good because, that it can be "attached" and standing. Velcro and stretch ribbons make it fit almost perfectly!

Pay attention to the fact that the material adjacent to the body passes air and absorbs moisture (cotton and microfiber are good in this sense). This is especially true in the hot season, but in winter the skin should breathe. Now there are a lot of expensive beautiful models on sale, but not all of them do well the main functions of the bandage - look first at this.

In general, it is best if your doctor advises you which model to take. The same panties for certain types of sutures after cesarean can be contraindicated. Ask him when you can start wearing a bandage after childbirth and for how long. Usually, the bandage is worn already on the first or the next day and use it for 4-6 weeks.

Personally, it took me significantly less time to pull the saggy belly. And he has increased for the whole pregnancy. So it makes sense at least to think about it. The bandage after delivery will not only help to get back into shape and strengthen the abdominal muscles, but it will also facilitate the care of the newborn, supporting the weakened uterus, and also help to avoid fatigue and back pain.

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