Banks during pregnancy

Is it possible to put cans during pregnancy?

Banks and common cold

The first doctors to treat colds were Chinese doctors. They believed that canal procedures improve blood circulation and thereby increase the body's immunity. Once banks in the Soviet Union very often set for colds. They were prescribed to children and used in medical institutions. The principle of their action is based on the creation of a vacuum. For the installation of glass flasks (cans) it was necessary to wind a piece of cotton wool or gauze on a sharp iron object, moisten with alcohol and light it. Then very quickly get this "torch" inside the banks and also promptly press the container to the skin. In the middle of the bulb, the air literally burned out, as oxygen was consumed to support combustion, and in the flask a vacuum was created, sucking the skin beneath it. At the same time, the effect of fixing the bulb also occurred. Skin tissues under the capacity were, therefore, in conditions of limited blood circulation. Blood did not flow into this place, the venous outflow was disturbed. Small capillaries, unable to withstand pressure, burst and hemorrhages occurred. Therefore, after removing the glass flasks, bruises (hemorrhages) were clearly visible as an indicator of a well-conducted procedure.

The result of the canal procedure was an increase in the flow of blood into the area where the banks were placed. That is, the result of hemorrhage was a kind of stimulation of the internal forces of the body. It affected the entire cardiovascular system, because it is an additional burden on the heart, possible "leaps" of blood pressure.

When can not put the banks?

Banks are strictly forbidden for pneumonia, tracheitis, bronchitis and acute laryngitis. Studies of experts have shown that this procedure affects internal tissues, and increased blood flow contributes to the fact that the infection quickly captures healthy areas.

You can not put banks and people with tumors - malignant or benign. In addition, if the skin has purulent inflammation, calluses, wounds, abrasions, with low blood coagulability, weak blood vessels, increased temperature, the canning procedure is prohibited.

Banks during pregnancy

Given the above effects and the possible consequences of setting cans, this procedure is contraindicated for a pregnant woman. Glass flasks can help increase the tone of the uterus, cause miscarriage. They limit the fetus in the supply of oxygen, disrupting the blood flow in the mother's body. In addition, banks negatively affect the heart of the future mother, increasing the burden on him and, accordingly, on the fetus. Banks during pregnancy are dangerous, so you should not take risks.

By the way, 20 years ago, American doctors refused to use cans altogether.

In our country, they were also not pregnant, since this was fraught with a risk to the health of the mother and the baby. Today almost all have refused cans. They simply do not release, so you will not find them in pharmacies. The doctors decided that treatment by banks is a painful, traumatic procedure with low efficiency.

If you are interested in the canal procedure, not wanting to be treated with medications, it is better to resort to homeopathy. Brew safe herbs, drink teas. But self-medication is best not to deal with

If we talk about cancellation of anti-cellulite massage during pregnancy, it is also contraindicated for future mothers at all terms of bearing a child.

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