Baralgin during pregnancy

Baralgin during pregnancy - instructions for use, feedback

To begin with, Baralgin is an antispasmodic and analgesic, which is used to eliminate pain syndrome with spasms of internal organs, with painful periods, with pelvic diseases, with neuralgia and migraine, and to relieve pain after surgical interventions. Baralgin has a property through the placental barrier, but does not have a negative effect on it. Unlike many other drugs, Baralgin does not affect the development of birth defects in the fetus and does not contribute to the emergence of hereditary diseases. However, during pregnancy, Baralgin is better to take with caution, while studying the information on what term of pregnancy it should be replaced by another analgesic.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, it is recommended to refrain from taking any medications, since during this period the rudiments of all the internal organs of the unborn child are laid. In order not to break this process, it is better to give up drugs, including Baralgina. In the second trimester of pregnancy, when the placenta begins to perform its functions and protects the fetus from the penetration of toxic substances, yes, in the second trimester of pregnancy, and the formation of the internal organs of the child is almost complete, the taking of medications can be resolved, but only at the doctor's prescription. As for Baralgina, then with severe pain you can take a pill, of course, having previously studied the list of contraindications. However, if you decide to take Baralgin because of a moderate headache, then we recommend not to rush, but to begin with, just massage the collar zone, ventilate the room or lie down a bit. Very often the headache during pregnancy causes vasodilation, but Baralgin in this case can only strengthen it.

The third trimester of pregnancy is the most responsible. However, it is during this period that many pregnant women often complain of heart pain. As a rule, these pains arise because of heavy workload and disorders in the development of blood vessels. The same causes cause and gestosis - toxicosis, which occurs in the second half of pregnancy. Also, the last months of pregnancy are very often disturbed by the kidneys, blood pressure may increase, which is especially dangerous for the brain. Reception of Baralgina at this stage of pregnancy can have toxic effects on the kidneys and only aggravate the course of gestosis.

Moreover, in the last months of pregnancy, as a rule, there is a decrease in immunity, so colds and diseases of the urino-genital organs are frequent companions of future mothers. Baralgin reduces the protective functions of the body, so taking it in the last months of pregnancy is not recommended.

As for contraindications, Baralgin can not be taken with increased sensitivity to the components of the drug, with severe liver, cardiovascular and kidney diseases. Also, Baralgin is not taken with lower blood pressure, as it can trigger a loss of consciousness.

Based on all of the above, we can conclude that Baralgin during pregnancy can be taken only according to the doctor's prescription and only in special cases. Therefore do not engage in self-medication, take care of your health and take care of the health of the future baby.

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