Barley on the eye during pregnancy

How to properly treat barley during pregnancy

Causes and symptoms of barley

The most common cause of barley on the eye in a pregnant woman is infection. Often this is a Staphylococcus aureus, which falls into the sebaceous gland. Friction of the itchy area with hands and catalyzes the development of barley.

Another reason for its formation is the ingression and multiplication of the tick in the hair bulbs of the eyelashes. To identify it, you need to do a test in the laboratory.

Barley usually proceeds acutely, but it starts with itching and redness, a little soreness of the edge of the century. In a day or two, a red tubercle with a yellow top appears. It is an inflammatory infiltrate with a barley head. Usually, 3-4 days later the barley itself breaks out and the pus that accumulates in it comes out. After that the pain of barley decreases, the edema subsides, and the reddening passes. Usually all these stages of the development of the disease last a week.

How to quickly eliminate barley

All diseases and pathologies are easier to prevent than treat. But nobody is immune from barley, so you need to start treatment with the first symptoms of its appearance. This means that in time the ripening tubercle is seen to be cauterized with iodine. To do this, you need to carefully draw the eyelid or raise it and apply iodine to the reddened area with a cotton swab. You need to try not to get on the mucous membrane, because it can trigger a burn.

Any other means for treating barley during pregnancy should be used only for the doctor's prescription. It is not recommended to engage in self-treatment of barley. It will be great if you immediately contact an ophthalmologist to avoid complications. After all, they during pregnancy can lead to poor eyesight, and uncontrolled use of drugs can adversely affect the fetus.

What should I do if barley breaks?

In the case when the inflamed tubercle is broken, this place needs to be smeared with iodine. Then put Bonaphone ointment behind the eyelid or 1% tetracycline ointment. All manipulations should be done carefully, so that the infection from barley does not get on the mucous membrane of the eye or behind the eyelid. It is worth considering that complications after barley can lead to sepsis.

An excellent bactericidal effect on barley is welding of pure (without impurities and additives) black tea. This liquid is recommended to wash the eye. In no case should you yourself squeeze pus out of barley. The scar on the eyelid in the best case or sepsis at worst - this may be the outcome of extrusion.

Barley during pregnancy: treatment

The procedure for treating barley in pregnant women is similar. The only exception is antibacterial therapy. It is extremely undesirable to conduct drug therapy in the first months of pregnancy. Therefore, it is necessary as soon as possible, at the first symptoms of barley, to consult an ophthalmologist.

You should also follow these recommendations:

  1. Give up cosmetics.
  2. Do not pierce the barley.
  3. Burn the inflamed tubercle with iodine, if it is only the early stage of barley.
  4. Add a drop of Levomycetin to the diseased eye.
  5. Apply dry heat to barley.

If the barley is very inflamed and is accompanied by fever, pain, an increase in lymph nodes, the doctor can prescribe antibacterial drugs to a pregnant woman. Today, many future mothers refuse to take antibiotics, because they are strong enough drugs. However, in exceptional cases, doctors resort to these medications taking into account that their local application has no negative effect.

Burying the antibiotic, you need to slightly hold the inner corner of the eye for several minutes - this will not allow the drug to be absorbed systemically.

Traditional medicine has a whole arsenal of means that are safe in treating barley. And this is important in pregnancy:

  1. Applying compresses from a warm egg to barley.
  2. Compresses from baked onions.
  3. Lotions of chamomile or calendula.
  4. Compresses from warm potatoes.

So, barley in the future mother can be cured and medicines, and folk remedies. Be careful, patient and listen to the doctor's recommendations.

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