Bartholinitis during pregnancy

Bartholinitis during pregnancy - causes, symptoms, treatment

What is Bartholinite

On the eve of the vagina of every woman there is Bartholin gland. In the language of medicine, bartholinitis is the purulent inflammation of this gland. Physicians call such causes of the emergence and development of bartholinitis such infections: E. coli, gonococci, staphylococcus, and others. Another bartolinite can be triggered by the lack of hygiene of the sexual organs of a woman, a decrease in immunity, venereal diseases, dysbacteriosis of the vagina. Infectious bacteria penetrate the Bartholin gland, and it develops an inflammatory process. There pus accumulates, it can not "exit" outside, an inflammatory "sac" is formed. Such education can burst at any time.

Surgical intervention in the process of bartolinite is fraught with the spread of microbes to the organs of the small pelvis and the entire body. That is why the cause of this disease can be and abortion.

What are the symptoms of bartholinitis? They are different and depend on the neglect of the disease, the individual characteristics of the female body. The most frequent symptoms are reddening of the skin of the labia of the labia in the Bartholin gland, a densification of the tissues that causes pain when palpated. Discomfort and soreness increases with walking. "Local" symptoms can manifest themselves against the background of a general deterioration of health, impotence, lethargy, fever.

Bartholinitis and pregnancy

All diseases that occur during pregnancy are accompanied by a double anxiety. After all, their consequences can affect the future mother and her child. Most of the diseases of the sexual sphere of a woman depends on her immune system. It's no secret that the immunity of a woman during pregnancy decreases, so that infectious diseases of pregnant women are a frequent phenomenon, including bartolinite. The disease itself is quite unpleasant and specific, and during pregnancy it is also dangerous. After all, an infection through the blood or a fetal bladder can spread into the amniotic fluid and thus to the fetus. This, in turn, is fraught with spontaneous miscarriage at a period of up to 22 weeks, and after premature birth. In addition, infection in the womb of a mother is fraught with a delay in the growth and development of the fetus, the birth of a baby with symptoms of infection. That is, it can be intrauterine pneumonia or eye damage. It is also possible to get the causative agent of bartolinite into the urinary system and the development of pyelonephritis.

When this disease occurs in the third trimester of pregnancy, closer to childbirth, the causative agent of this infection can enter the baby's body during the birth itself. This already threatens the child with damage to the eyes, lungs and other organs.

Treatment of bartholinitis during pregnancy

So, based on the possible effects of bartolinite on the fetus, there is no need to explain the need for its treatment. A future mother should contact her doctor as soon as possible. Some women are simply afraid to go with this disease to the doctor, because they are afraid of antibiotic treatment. Usually bartholinitis in pregnant women is treated with antibiotic therapy with anesthesia, treatment of inflammation sites. Today, medicine has a spectrum of antibiotics that are safe for use in treating pregnant women. Such drugs, if necessary, a gynecologist and appoints a sick woman. When bartholinitis was before pregnancy and the cyst remained, its removal is not difficult. This will be a quick operation under local anesthesia with the removal of the cyst through a small incision. After that, as a rule, there is only a small seam.

In case of complication of bartolinite in pregnancy with sexually transmitted diseases, the question of its preservation is solved individually, taking into account the severity of the disease.

In order to protect yourself from force majeure, including infections, during pregnancy, you must strictly observe the doctor's prescriptions, monitor your body's condition and when the first alarming & rdquo; calls & rdquo; Do not delay with an appeal to your gynecologist.

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