Bath and pregnancy planning

Is it possible to go to the bath, sauna during pregnancy planning?

When planning a baby, mom should know that during the next nine months she needs to be patient, be attentive to herself, observe a special regime and follow all the doctor's recommendations. In this case, the pregnancy will be successful. For example, useful for the future mother will be classes in the pool, but on condition that the pregnant woman has no contraindications to them. But as for the bath, then the opinions of the doctors radically differ.

Some say that going to a bath for women who are planning a pregnancy is not at all harmful, and even very useful. After all, the bath activates metabolic processes, facilitates the removal of toxins, the overall cleansing of the body. Other physicians are categorically against "steam baths" before, during and after pregnancy. According to them, if the future mother neglects this prohibition, then the conception of the child will remain at the planning stage. And in women already in a position such an enthusiasm can lead to miscarriage or to the development of severe complications and pathologies in the baby.

Absolutely all doctors agree, that the bath is contraindicated for women with acute inflammatory diseases with fever, with epilepsy, oncology, ischemic heart disease, hypertension II and III stage. You can not bathe with bronchial asthma, after recent surgical interventions, with complicated pregnancy (with the threat of interruption, with placenta previa and elevated blood pressure).

But if the couple is difficult to conceive a child, you should refrain from visiting the bath. And this applies to both partners, and the future mother, and the future pope. Why, after all, should you avoid going to the "steam room" not only for a woman, but for a man as well? It is believed that a high ambient temperature can adversely affect the quality of sperm. And the most comfortable temperature for the testicles is 35 degrees.

Therefore, if a man remains for a certain time in a sauna or a sauna, the activity of his spermatozoa can significantly decrease. It is clear that such a situation is unfavorable for conception. After all, after ejaculation already weakened spermatozoa get into the body of a woman. If she also "got a good" steam, her egg overheats and weakens. Potential paternal spermatozoa die, although they should normally survive for a while before they fertilize the egg.

In obstetrics and gynecology, there are not only prohibitions, but also indications for the appointment of a bath or sauna. In particular, some diseases of the ovaries and uterus, menopause. That is, if a woman has ailments in which conception is impossible or extremely difficult, then doctors can assign her a bath. But you do not need to abuse this: treatment in the "steam room" in case of unsuccessful attempts at conception is possible only provided that everything is coordinated with the doctor.

It is not recommended for a woman to go to the bath immediately after conception, as the body temperature can rise and cause an abortion. The first trimester is unstable, so do not expose your body to danger. If the egg is already fertilized, and Mom decided to "steal" in the bath for a long time, then in the future it is fraught with possible pathologies of pregnancy or even miscarriage. In any case, if you are planning to conceive a child, contact your gynecologist. The doctor will answer all questions, assign tests and explain to you how dangerous it can be to go to a bath in your case. Therefore, do not neglect the reference to the doctor, this can have serious consequences.

If, after all, you decided that going to the bath does not affect your conception in any way, you should still follow simple rules:

  • Always cover your head with a felt hat, hat or sheets in the bath;
  • Put rubber slippers on your feet, lay a towel on the shelf;
  • During the breaks, drink a lot of fluids (for example, broth of wild rose, fruit teas);
  • be sure to cool the body after the steam room (in the pool or in a special barrel with cold water);
  • Do not stay in the bath. It is better to go several times for a short period of time than once for a long time;
  • visit the sauna or sauna no more than once a week. And if you suspect a pregnancy, then it is better to limit your stay in the "steam room".

Of course, if you do not have problems with conception, then the bath should not affect your desire to have a baby. But you do not need to associate a prolonged absence of pregnancy solely with hikes in the "steam room". Bath can only add fuel to the fire, but in fact you or your partner may have serious health problems. It is better to see a doctor who will determine the reason for the absence of conception. Perhaps you should change your lifestyle a little or undergo a course of treatment. And how everything will turn out, you become pregnant and give birth to a baby, do not give up your favorite "steam room". Easy pair and successful conception of the child!

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