Bay leaf during pregnancy

Bay leaf during pregnancy - benefits, contraindications and risks of use

Useful properties of a laurel

This popular spice has been used in everyday life for several thousand years. Useful properties of lavrushki have found application not only in culinary and gourmet environment. Its leaves have a huge amount of medicinal properties. Decoctions and infusions on the laurel leaf are included in the arsenal of folk medicine in Europe, Russia, and Asia. Useful properties of Lavra are based on a rich chemical composition. And the main feature of the bay leaf is the presence in its composition of powerful natural antibiotics. Tannins in it help to remove swelling and inflammation of the gums with stomatitis. Competently prepared decoction from laurushki restores and maintains immunity due to phytoncides, which are biologically active substances, acetic, valerian, fatty acids and microelements.

The main forms of application of laurel leaf in folk medicine are infusions and decoctions, extracts and oils.

Broth of bay leaf is used to remove salts from the body. It is used for osteochondrosis. A good effect is its use in combination with the course of massage. This form of using bay leaves for diabetes and hemorrhoids helps.

As for the infusion of Lavra, it has a milder therapeutic effect. It is good to drink with diarrhea, and in combination with honey it helps to recover from colds.

The infusion has proven itself as a cosmetic. After all, phytoncides destroy bacteria, removing irritation from the skin of the face, and tannins make peeling, clearing it of dead cells and excess fat.

The cleansing action of bay leaf allows it to be used in the treatment of allergies. In this case, the skin of the body will be soothed by baths with the use of bayonet broth, compresses. You can combine the internal and external reception of laurel leaf for allergies. But you should consult an allergist beforehand.

Benefits and harm of bay leaves during pregnancy

With the advent of an interesting position, a woman should know that from now on the bay leaves can do more harm than good. And the reason is that the laurushka, when used internally in the form of infusions and broths, stimulates contraction of the uterine muscles and thereby causes serious complications in the course of pregnancy, which are fraught with miscarriage or damage to the fetus. That is why pregnancy is the main contraindication to taking drugs based on bay leaf. We emphasize that we are talking about the use of recipes of traditional medicine. And if you add 2 leaves of laurel in the first dish before the end of its preparation, or to meat, vegetables, then the harm from this organism to the future mother will not be. That is, as a seasoning for his dishes and can continue to use.

Possible application of bay leaf during pregnancy

Despite the fact that there is more harm to the laurel in pregnancy than good, it still exists if it is applied externally. For example, laurel infusions are an excellent cosmetic product that helps to cope with rashes on the skin. This is typical of future mothers in the beginning of bearing the fetus, when the body is rebuilt - and the hormonal background changes in it. Phytoncids in the infusion dry out the skin, reduce irritation. Therefore, you can wash your infusions twice a day.

Soothing and antiseptic properties of bay leaves allow using it as compresses in the treatment of suppuration.

If the future mother has excessive sweating of legs, a characteristic unpleasant smell is heard, then you can get rid of it with the help of foot baths with the addition of bay leaf broth. To do this, take 20-30 leaflets, pour them 2 glasses of water, boil 4-5 minutes and pour into a basin with warm water. Such a foot bath the expectant mother should take 15 minutes daily. Even after 5-7 such procedures, the sweating of the legs will be significantly reduced.

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