BB-test for pregnancy

BB-test for pregnancy - rules of use, effectiveness and feedback

The huge variety of forms, types, brands and price offers literally gets us into a dead end. All of them seem to work on the same principle and promise a fairly high reliability of the results. But when it comes to loving yourself, you certainly want to choose the most accurate and sensitive pregnancy test. And this may be a BB test, if you believe the manufacturer.

Feature of the BB-test for pregnancy

It would seem that the test can be special? All of them react to the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, all work on the same principle, all declare themselves as the most accurate test and promise almost the highest sensitivity. What is the BB test better than others?

The BB-test for pregnancy is produced by a French company that claims to be original in manufacturing technology. The manufacturer says, that the control band reagent contains special solid-phase polyclonal and monoclonal conjugated antibodies that bind only to hCG, leaving aside other hormones in the female body. This can significantly reduce the percentage of false results and increase the reliability of the test. In addition, unlike all other high-sensitivity tests that determine hCG at a concentration of 20-25 IU per liter of urine, the BB-test for pregnancy is informative even at a concentration of HCG in the urine of 10 IU / L. Thus, it not only deserves to be called one of the most sensitive tests, but can be applied even a few days before the delay of the monthly tests (recommended not less than 3 days).

How correctly to use the BB-test for pregnancy?

The instruction for the BB test is almost the same as the other ones. In a clean, dry container with fresh urine, it is necessary to immerse the test strip to the level indicated on it for 5 seconds. Then remove the strip and place it on a flat horizontal surface. The result should be read after 5 minutes, but no later than 10 minutes, because later in the test strip can occur different processes that distort the value of the test. The presence of one strip should be considered a negative result (no pregnancy), two red strips are a positive result (there is pregnancy), the absence of strips indicates an improperly performed or unsuitable test.

In the instructions for the BB test, it is recommended to use urine for room temperature (within 20 degrees) for testing, that is, after the collection, it should be allowed to cool for a few minutes.

Reviews of the BB-test for pregnancy

And everything seems to be fine: the test is easy to use and very accurate in the results - exactly what we all need. But not all women, he somehow causes confidence. Many are confused by the pallor of the stripes on the test, because everywhere they say that they should be clear and bright.

Nevertheless, numerous reviews confirm the high sensitivity of the test: let the strips are really weak, but they appear at a time when other tests are silent, women say. Although fuzzy strips should be regarded as a dubious result and an occasion for re-testing after 48 hours.

Another drawback of the BB test, according to users, is its high price. Therefore, if the result is not to your haste (unless it happens?), It is better to wait for a delay and buy a test cheaper. Otherwise, it makes sense to pay more.

Obtaining false results using the BB test also takes place, but there are still positive reviews of this test system more than negative ones. Moreover, the girls say that even 5 days before the expected regular monthly BB shows a pregnancy.

We came to the conclusion that this test, at least, is not worse than other analogues. And for many it's even better. Nevertheless, if you are conducting a BB-test for pregnancy before the delay, then for reliability, repeat the test after a few days. And, despite the fact that the BB-test can be conducted at any time of the day, to get the most truthful results it is better to still use the first portion of the morning urine.

Maybe you also have something to say about the BB test? Let's share our experience with others!

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