Belly after cesarean section

Belly after cesarean section

To begin with, we can not take any measures in the first two months after the birth of a child. Therefore, only 6-8 weeks after childbirth and a gynecologist's consultation can begin to fight with a sagging belly after a cesarean section. Naturally, when you consider that the doctor has allowed you to exercise. In this case, it is important to take into account that at once it is impossible to swing the press. Physical loads should increase gradually and start best with walks. Moreover, that you will walk with the baby every day.

Walking with your baby is an excellent load on all muscle groups if you walk at a moderately fast pace. Moreover, to be in this movement, for the best result should be at least 40-60 minutes per day. And do not be afraid that such a walk will not please your baby - babies are much more quietly fall asleep when motion sickness. A fast pace will just provide the kind of motion sickness in the wheelchair when driving.

When you return home, when your baby falls asleep, scroll for 10-15 minutes for a small charge. If your doctor has given the go-ahead for physical exercises, then perform 10 inclinations in different directions, 10 sit-ups and 5-10 movements on the press. Also, it is important to take into account that you can clean your stomach at home in everyday work: washing the floors with your hands, handmade linen and so on. Try and make sure that after such an active cleaning you will feel how your muscles work.

Is the child awake and needs attention? Excellent! We will play with the baby and get rid of the stomach at the same time. If your child is already 3 months old, then it can be used as a kind of simulator. Put the child on your chest and carry out the ascent with it, the way you swing the press. Also, you can get on all fours above the child and rhythmically draw in and relax the press while playing with your child. In fact, there are a lot of such exercises and you can find them practically on every website on the Internet, which is dedicated to young mothers.

By the way, retraction of the abdomen is the most effective exercise for tightening the abdominal muscles. That is why, this exercise is included in the complex of exercises of yoga, pilates and bodyflex. Also, do not forget about the right breathing during exercise. Remember that clear and rhythmic breathing and simple exercises give an amazing result! By the way, it is on the breath based bodyflex, so pay attention to the exercises of this system of weight loss.

And of course, in addition to walking and exercise, do not forget about proper nutrition, without which, as they say anywhere. It is proper nutrition that will help you remove the stomach and prevent weight gain. Therefore, first try not to overeat! Decrease your ardor for bakery and sweet products, as well as fatty and smoked food. If you want to look beautiful - you will have to limit the consumption of sweet, flour and fat. Eat dairy products, cereals rich in fiber, fruit, drink juices, not soda water - and everything will be wonderful! Believe me, getting rid of the abdomen after a caesarean section is not so difficult, if you believe in yourself and aim at the result. We wish you patience, perseverance and excellent results. And do not forget - we believe in you, you will succeed!

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